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  • Wilda Roberts - Squeaky CleanI bought water glad over 10 years ago on QVC. I wanted a couple new ones but was unable to find these anywhere so I just happened to check Amazon and there they were. I am a car freak and hate a dirty car so I wash my car often. I wash my car(s) and then use this glad (plastic) to get all the water off and then a towel to soak up the little water that is left. These are teriffic and have had several people ask me about them. They last a very long time and are not expensive.
  • CaliJonny - Rogaine Works -I've been using Walgreen minox 5% for the past Decade or more. It's the closest to the true Rogaine 5% formula that I have found. I have also tried Costcos kirkland, but found that it didn't work for me. It's the difference in the inactive ingredients, hence why kirkland brand is so cheap. I'm not saying kirklands doesn't work, it just didn't work for me. Try it, if it works for you, great. However, Walgreen discontinued it's liquid form so in search of another substitute, I tried foam for the first time.

    First, I don't use it on the vertex, I use it on my receding hairline Norwood scale 1 (but still counts as a recession). Rogaine worked for me in that it stopped a lot of the shedding during showering. I notice a lot less hair falling out when I wash my hair after I have use it consistently for about a month or two. (It's very obvious and it's not just nonsense about you shed "X" number of follicles a day). When you shower at the same time each day, you should notice the same amount of hair falling out. In my case, when I stop using rogaine, I notice at least 20 hair strands fall out during my showers. When I use Rogaine consistently for about a month or two, the number of follicles drop to 2 or 3. YES, It's THAT noticeable. You will notice it will be working (if it works for you).

    I also notice this change if I get lazy and stop using it consistently, after about a month or two I start shedding again. Second, when I use the product for a while, there's definitely growth and I can see my hairline, instead of a recession.

    I also take propecia.

    Rogaine Foam is absolutely hands down the best applicator product. Backup a moment, I tried foam once before, but at that time I was using the liquid version actively. The liquid version flakes ALOT, and makes your skin red and irritated. When I used the foam, i felt some pain, so I stopped using the foam. What I realized now, is that it was the liquids fault not the foam.

    Pros of Foam:
    It does not flake/peel my skin at all
    It does not irritate / redness / rash
    It's easy to apply on the frontal lobe/forehead - It does stick to hair, so I read a review that if you are applying to spots that have lots of hair strands like the vertex, it would be a little hard trying to press it onto the scalp i guess.
    It's QUICK DRYING! - Liquid version drops will streak down your forehead, doesn't dry quickly, and if you sleep right before bed or wash your face, or wipe your head, it will most likely wipe off all medicine as well. Foam dries within a minute and it's not runny.
    Foam Price is the same as liquid.

    So... hands down, my recommendation is try foam first, then liquid etc etc... And don't expect hair to grow fast... its really really slow. But again try to notice the difference of Shedding when you shower to see if it is working.
  • S. Woodruff - Cheaper than digital downloadStrange that packaged and mailed software is $10 cheaper than the digital download from themselves, but with Prime shipping, I was happy to wait a day or two to get the software and save $10. Since then, i've been playing d3 a ton... love this game. Already beat it at normal difficulty and now am going through on the harder level... while working to push my Demon Hunter towards level 60. Tons of replay value and tons of fun.
  • Rosie in CT - Excellent EssaysThe diversity of the subjects covered by these essays as well as the exceptional writing is why I give this such a high rating. I chose it because David Brooks was the editor of this year's essays and although I don't always agree with him, I always read him carefully and respectfully. There are particular essays that will stay with me and have influenced my perspective (Edward Hopper, the universe, two on education, a country druggist). There was one essay in the book that I couldn't really understand and didn't finish; it seemed like a lecture. All the others were a combination of thoughtfulness, humor and the most wonderful writing in a compact, take-it-with-you format.
  • Amber Jordan - Super fast delivery!I actually ordered the this product and two others for my mom. She uses BareMinerals faithfully and she pays so much money for all of the products. I asked her if I could see if Amazon carried what she needed and I found everything she needed. I ordered this brush, the foundation and the mineral veil, which normally is over $100.00 at the store she is purchasing from. Amazon had all three for $63, which includes the shipping. I gave it 5 stars for the price and would give the seller 5 stars as well. Like I said, it was here basically in 24 hours from the time it was shipped. I have made my mom an Amazon believer! Thank you so much!!