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  • theodore "digital dude" - The Ends Justify the MeansDesigned for the Tundra -- the install required a 19mm deep socket for installation. The instructions (visual) were excellent... once assembled the only tricky part was finishing the tightening of the bolts.

    Which is weird... the brace that attaches to the frame is curved, and being curved it can only install in one direction. This puts the bolts ON THE TOP side of the plate... making it very hard to reach/tighten the 19mm bolts. Ended up getting a deep-socket extender and then the installation was quite easy. If you have a full sit of tools, this installation shouldn't be much of a problem.

    Now that it's all done... this is an EXCELLENT addition to my tundra... and my old legs can now easily climb into the bed of my truck.

    Construction is solid and since I installed it myself I'm confident that it's strong enough for anything I do. I'd recommend!
  • Bill_IT - Essential if you wish to have the option of a peaceful deathAll of my friends over 60 agree on one thing: if they are terminally ill, or in continual pain or distress, they want the option to end life peacefully, quickly, and with certainty. For years, Derek Humphry's Final Exit has been the go-to book on this topic. The Peaceful Pill Handbook is similar, but it has a grading system that evaluates each method according to several criteria, such as reliability and freedom from pain. In addition, it provides practical information about where to obtain medications, gases, and other supplies necessary to achieve one's goal of a peaceful and painless death. Legal issues and strategies are discussed.

    The unfortunate truth is: many people put off assembling these resources and thinking through their approach until they are no longer able to do so, then die the agonizing death they wished to avoid. This book can serve as a foundation for assembling the resources for achieving a peaceful death if and when the situation arises.

    Highly recommended.
  • is this for minecraft pocket edition - what a great gameI have been looking for a free actually realistic soccer game for a while and Gameloft delivered. It is a good game and I have been playing it constantly for the past month. The time you wait in the game for people to heal or rest is not very long. It is a great all around game but you need to have internet connection to play. They also had a problem with a bunch of ads but since the last update they got rid of that so then now it is my favorite game. Well I hope this helped.
  • NGTRINITY - Love this book! It changed my life.Jessica Alba's book changed my life. I could not believe all the bad things and chemicals that our family had in our home and what we are exposed to on a daily level from foods and products. She keeps it simple to understand and easy to read and follow while giving you all the facts and information you need to make a change. After reading her book, my child's allergies got better, I lost 15 pounds, and my whole family feels better and has a more energy. I am so happy I took a chance and picked up a copy of her book. The digital Kindle copy is nice because I can read it on my iPad, phone, and computer. Thanks Jessica for sharing all your insight and life changing facts.