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  • Geraldine Walters - A monthly message magazine that keeps me informed about The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-SaintsThis magazine comes to me every month. It contains messages from leaders of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day-Saints. It also has other articles that are inspiring and uplifting and helps me in my life. Twice a year it brings the written messages from our General Conferences so we can review what we had heard live from our General Authorities.
  • B. Garbe "Former Fat Boys Dot Com" - I love Windows 8 and if you miss the Start Menu it's a small fixWindows 8 is great.

    It's awesome on tablets and has a lot of nice improvements over Windows 7. Some are very small, but performance-wise the computer I built in July 2012 is just that much more awesome with Windows 8.

    I highly recommend Start8 if you want to replace the Start Menu with a classic menu or turn the Metro Menu into a Start Menu style overlay. It's a $4 app that is well worth it. Not really necessary on a tablet or touchscreen device, but I do agree with a lot of the critiques that Microsoft should have left the Start Menu in the desktop version. Or they should buy Start 8.
  • Alvin C. - The phone I've always wantedI've been a longtime iPhone and Android fan that's been craving something new, yet I wanted my phone to have the important features below:

    :: TL;DR ::

    My important features.
    1) Group threaded message (like the iPhone)
    2) Stellar pictures
    3) Fast internet
    4) Good battery life
    5) Good as an actual phone

    1) 32GB
    2) Offline maps + voice navigation
    3) Outlook integration
    4) Social Network integration
    5) Nokia Music

    1) App selection (not necessarily bad)

    ::Meat of the Review::

    This has been headache-free for me. Most of my contacts are on the iPhone and this phone works seamlessly in communicating with them as a group. Stock android does not do this out of the box. The Lumia just works here.

    This phone takes gorgeous photos. I used this to take photos at a family party and my family and friends were consistently impressed. Please don't take this to mean "showoff". These were unsolicited comments about the quality and clarity of the photos. Also, this phone does your viewers a favor by offering fluid and quality video capture. Helpful against nausea from shaky videos.

    Fast Internet:
    LTE, HSPA+, Wi-Fi. All work, all are plenty fast.

    This phone lasts me all day. At times I've had 13 hours and other times 40+ hours of battery life. With anything, your mileage may vary depending on how you use your phone and how often.

    As a phone:
    Calls are clear even through speakerphone. People didn't have a problem hearing me as well.

    The Nice to Haves:
    The 32GB storage, Nokia's offline maps + navigation, work email and the social media integration are all big bonuses for me. What's this mean? I can take lots of pictures, I can use navigation without worry over data usage, and I can contact my work and personal contacts seamlessly.

    I also mentioned Nokia music. It's similar to Pandora, but I can save the music for offline listening and I don't have to pay for it. Having this feature was a pleasant surprise.

    App Market:
    To get the elephant out of the way, the windows phone app market is lacking in selection, but you'll find the main stuff here: facebook, yelp, netflix, angry birds, etc. The lack of selection isn't a conflict for me. The phone already has what I absolutely want (messaging, navigation). I don't personally download a lot of apps because I like my phone free of clutter.

    Random Thoughts:
    User Interface:
    The UI is simple and very friendly to work with. I don't feel you'll have a problem navigating this phone.

    Internet browsing:
    IE works well, pages display fine from my use.

    Phone Screen:
    Pretty and Vivid. Colors feel just right and not overly saturated. Phone's brightness also works well in any lighting condition.

    Phone Design:
    Except for the protruding volume, camera, and sleep/power buttons on the right side of the phone, this is a beautifully designed phone.

    Phone Weight:
    You definitely feel the weight of the phone. For me its comfortable. You'll want to hold one before making your own judgement here.

    Final word:
    The system isn't as robust as Android so people who love tinkering "under the hood" with their phone may want to stick to Android. If you're heavily invested in the Android or iOS app markets, its probably best to stay where you are. If you're looking to jump ship from either platform into a friendly platform with generous phone features, consider checking out the Nokia Lumia 920.
  • J. A. Thompson - WHICH MAN FOR ALL SEASONS?As a retired professional historian, I feel like I understand the entire Tudor period better after having read this book. Ms. Mantel has a gift for bringing personalities and their world to life that is generally beyond the talent of most historians. But I would say that the reader should not start with this book. Read "Wolf Hall" first. Ms. Mantel has created a plausible and even admirable historical persona for Thomas Cromwell who is known as Henry VIII"s "hatchet man" who managed the English Reformation in Parliament. She also gives a completely different slant to the character of Thomas More, who was canonized by the Catholic Church for his defiance of Henry VIII. Instead of the "man for all seasons" of Robert Bolt's play and the subsequent movie version (played best by Paul Scofield), More is portrayed as an extremist who tortured and killed men and women of the new reformed faith and thus later got something of what he deserved. The early history of other major players in the religious conflicts of 16th century England is also intertwined in the lives of Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More. Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey was originally Cromwell's patron and employer. Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury who gave Henry VIII what he could not get from Rome --- a divorce from his first wife Katherine of Aragon ---- was, like Cromwell, sympathetic to the new ideas of the Reformed faith. Both of them were often put into dangerous political and social perils by their connections to the new queen Anne Boleyn. Stephen Gardiner who will play a larger role in the reign of Henry VIII's daughter ("Bloody") Mary is also one of the men Cromwell and Cranmer had to politically thwart in this period to stay alive.

    In the end (which should be in the forthcoming third book of this trilogy), Thomas Cromwell will meet the same end as Thomas More. He will be executed for his "offenses" toward Henry. But what strikes me most is that Cromwell was the champion of the common man of England, and the nobility around Henry's court never let him forget it. Being "common" he was expendable in the same way Anne Boleyn was.

    But in the next century, almost in poetic and historical justice, it is Thomas Cromwell's descendant, Oliver Cromwell, who will teach the English crown that the rights of "freeborn" Englishman and their representation in the institution of Parliament are not to be trampled. It will be Charles I and later James II who pay for the arbitrary way justice was dispensed to individuals high and low in earlier periods. So, one can rightly see the subject of these books, Thomas Cromwell, as a much better "man for all seasons." He tried to balance serving his King with his concern for the common people around him who often fed at his table.
  • Stacy I. Kildal "ProAdvisor Stacy" - Great new features for 2012As a member of the Intuit Trainer and Writer Network, I'm looking forward to presenting the What's New in QuickBooks 2012 this fall.

    The lead center and batch timesheets are 2 features I think many small business owners will be glad to have - the lead center will eliminate the need to go between multiple programs to see status on customer leads and the batch timesheets will save time by allowing users to enter time for more than one employee or vendor at one time.

    If you're new to QuickBooks, it's a great year to start (but isn't always?) and if you've got an older version, there are some great new time saving features to check out.