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  • K. Larson - Essential Desk ReferenceThis is a desk reference essential for anybody who is interested in the world they live it. It's faster and easier to find many important facts in here than it is to use the google (not to mention being able to skip all the annoying advertising). For all-around general information on the various nations of the worlds, this is a handy reference. For only nine bucks or so, you can't go wrong. Every Christmas we have a Yankee gift exchange (everybody brings three ten-dollar gifts, wrapped in white paper, mix them all up, draw numbers, and open one at a time or steal an open gift). In December I bought two of these, one for myself and one for this exchange. And it was one of the most popular and coveted of all the gifts (by the way, ten bucks doesn't buy much these days and some people bring some pretty trashy gifts to get rid of).
  • MKBHD - Great ICS Tablet; Incredible hardware Length:: 6:19 Mins

    This tablet has been nothing but awesome to me so far. GPS "issues" were fixed with the latest firmware update and WiFi signal strength has been average, which is acceptable. Everything about the tablet is built great. I have no regrets with my purchase!