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  • Tamara - Spendy but AwesomeI have had this stroller for about a month and I love it. After my daughter turned one I changed her infant seat for a convertible car seat and therefore her universal car seat stroller had to go. I wanted a full featured, compact and lightweight second stroller to keep for trips or in the car (our main stroller is the 2011 City Mini). My daughter loves her belly bar so this had a big role in my decision. It is good for walks around the mall or on smooth pavement. Not good for bumpy areas like my CityMini is.

    -Belly bar (flexible so you can fold the stroller with it)
    -Great canopy (as long as you don't have the stroller in full recline you can pull down the hood more than shown)
    -Comes with a rain canopy (the canopy only covers the front of the stroller so the baby is protected but other stuff might not be)
    -Viewing area in the canopy
    -Compact fold with auto locking features (expected for an umbrella)
    -Decent storage area - definitely on the large side for an umbrella and easier to access than some other full featured umbrellas (like some MacLarens)
    -Very smooth and easy to handle. On smooth surfaces I can navigate one handed if needed.
    -Secure restraint system - little kiddos can't undo the restraints without a good deal of force.
    -Restraint has built in shoulder pads.
    -Adjustable leg rest for different aged kids
    -Great recline options, I like the snap in place recline feature better than the string type ones (hard to describe).
    -Included cup holder - fits a large iced beverage from Dunkin' Donuts nicely.
    -Great color choices ( I <3 purple)

    -On the heavier side for an umbrella stroller but I would expect that with the features it has.
    -Not for rough terrain or really bumpy sidewalks.

    Punchline: if you can afford it and want a full featured umbrella this is the one to get.

    Will update if necessary.
  • Kermit Van Roekel - Great tabletLittle tough learning and you must realize that tablet apps are not the same as a full pc. Good unit, nice screen. Wife loves it, perfect size.
  • Mehdi - It really works!I have never been so happy with a purchase. It was definitely worth the money.
    It worked the very first time I used. The direction says to use two cups each time, one for mouth and one for throat. I guess you can use only one cup to wash both mouth and throat. This way it will last twice as long.
    Also, it is recommended to use it twice daily, but I have been using it once a day in the morning, because unless I am waking up next to a girl, I don't care if my mouth smells during night time.
  • Chris - Great Book!!I have read the first book and loved it. I love this book and I only have 6 more chapters left. It is off your seat reading. I cannot wait until I finish it so I can read the 3rd book. Looking forward to reading more of Veronica Roth books.
    Even though it is teen books, I find them more exciting than other books, if this makes sense..hahaha. Enjoy reading.