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  • Happy Momma - Worked great!!I started taking Fertilaid for Women in April 2012 after having a miscarriage in January and got pregnant 2 weeks later. I noticed that I was frequently drowsy and nauseated and thought that the capsules were making me sick so I was going to stop taking them. Then I noticed that my nose was always runny so I started thinking that maybe i was just sick. When I went to the pharmacy to get some otc meds for my "cold" the pharmacist asked if i was pregnant which made me test. I tested positive 10 days after conception. I never finished the first bottle! :-D
  • Lucia Hansen - wonderful tool!I am a 3rd year resident and I totally love the ECG Pocket Brain book. I can say it saved me so many times during my first year of residency, and it is still super useful now. It is quick information, user-friendly, written in a way that stays in your brain forever....just perfect!! I recommend it to all my colleagues, and it is always in my pocket."
    Lucia Hansen, MD (3rd Year Family Medicine Resident, Dept. of Community Health & Family Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Florida )
  • Catherine Jones - Excited to practice his moves . . .I bought the book two days ago and tried to just speak to more people, pay more compliments, and make it a point to smile more. On the first day of trials, I made two new friends at the gym and have a lunch date. Going out Saturday and can't wait to try his other moves. All my friends are buying the book and we are going out to try all his suggestions!

    The book is easy to read and very entertaining. The videos are amazing too. The simple changes are already paying off. Life just got more exciting.
  • Martel DuVigneaud - Firmware Update NeededI got myself one of these for my birthday recently. Well, it wasn't my birthday, but it sure felt like it when the cable arrived. I was so ecstatic that I couldn't wait to try it out. I plugged the cable in and turned my music on but it didn't work! I couldn't hear my music! I was sure it was something wrong with my other equipment, so I did some research online. It turns out you have to update the cable's firmware to get it to work with certain other audio equipment. After installing the patch cable works perfectly!
  • Corneliusone - Financial information on your finger tipsQuickBooks provides you the best resource for managing all the financial aspects of your small business. From preparing payroll to paying payroll liabilities, from customer billing/receipts to knowing your receivables, banking deposits and reconciliation/check writing, vendor bills and payments...And the sweetest part is looking up your company performance in the reports. It's all seamless. You can do most things by yourself and work with an accountatant at the end of each quarter and year to prepare your reports. So, it's cost saving too.