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  • John N. Schear "cxxi121" - An Absolute DELIGHTThis set has been a stable part of my cooking experiences and will remain so for a long time. Some other brands are pretty doggone good but this set is just a step above and oh how clean they become with little elbow grease. Very little. I cooked up a whole mess of viddles and when it was time to clean the pans it was so easy. Moreover and probably the best: the goodies were absolutely great. My cooking skills had little to do with it. The pans made me look good. One small caveat, however. Should you use these make sure you adjust your cooking temperature down about 25 degrees because I have found that the dark color of the material will not reflect as well as a light colored metal. That way you will save a few pennies over the life of the set and help you pay for it. Right, as if you will ever know how much etc.

    As soon as I finish this, it off to the Cart for payment for a new set that my sister will receive soon. I guess if it is good enough for my sis it is the best.
  • Ricardo H Scheidemantel - Great book on the most important theme!Great story! And a great book about the currently most important issue for the development of human societies. We are a biological species who managed to protect itself against all its predators, both big and small. This led to uncontrolled growth. Take a look at a picture of the island of Malé, the capital of Maldives, if you want to see how the entire world (including deserts and mountains) would look like in another 300 years, if the birth rates of the 1960's (when The Pill was introduced) were maintained. It's praiseworthy that such a successful writer dares to touch Overpopulation, an issue that is delicate even for the United Nations (see chapter 2 of Population Dynamics and Climate Change) to handle. Working for the largest Development Bank in the world, I've written two books on Overpopulation, addressed to government policy makers. It's really nice to see an author bringing the issue to a broader audience, in non technical terms. Population stabilization policies would be much nicer if most people would be open to talk about it in a more mature way. In the end it's all about the transition from the "ten children family" to the "two children family", where each child replaces each parent on the long run.
  • Kimmy - Worth the money!I first purchased this product in August of 2010 and have used this product exclusively since that time. It does what it says. It is an excellant cleansing conditioner and I have found it to work better than shampoo for cleansing the hair and scalp. I also use it as a leave in conditioner and it works well in that respect as well. I have color treated hair and I have found that it does help your color last a bit longer.
  • C. Underwood - The PS4 is a great system!I received this on launch day and haven't had any issues with it so far. I wanted to wait a bit to make sure the system was stable before posting a review.

    Here's what I love: The interface is wonderful. It's simple, straightforward and easy to navigate once you dive in. If you're in a game, you can pop out to the menu and back in without much hassle. I also enjoy the party chat features. The other night I played a round of Killzone online with a friend and we chatted away while playing and when we were both doing our own thing. I like how speedy game installs go off the discs and how quickly you can get into a game. The playgo feature when you download a game is pretty sweet as well - just a couple hours after initializing my download of Knack I was able to play the initial chapters.

    Here's what I like: The share button has a lot of potential. I've taken a few snapshots and uploaded them to Facebook and the quality was pretty great. I haven't done much with the video functionality yet so I can't report on that. I like the social functions, but it could definitely use some filters so you can weed out information you may not be looking to see. It will be a lot more robust when more of my friends have moved onto the PlayStation 4 as it obviously doesn't track PS3 activity.

    Here's what I'm not sure about: Standby mode seems to be working fine, but I have yet for it to download game patches while in standby. It did download firmware 1.51 and it was ready for me to install when I turned the system on (like the PS3), so that was quite nice. I'm looking forward to when you can go into standby and suspend a game.

    To be honest, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the PS4. It's a solid system, and I highly anticipate what's to come over the course of its lifecycle. Don't let the stories of broken machines keep you from getting on something great. I couldn't recommend this higher!