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  • R. Jackson - Office - MAC - Perfect!Don't know what all the '1 - Star-ers' or _itchers are talking about....? I'm a Windows -to- Mac convertee this past year and I LOVE this version over the PC setup... I just can't figure this out. It appears smoother, refined and clearly a well integrated application with zero issues. I've had zero compatibility issues taking files worked in this app back to Google+ and then back to a government PC Office version.

    It simply works flawlessly and - I am a serious critic of wasting money on Microshaft products. Here though, it works, and works perfectly!
  • shoplessnow - easy tablet to useFirst time tablet user, but Ive been using samsung galaxy phone for 2 years & I love it. This tab2 is great &easy to use. I highly recommend it.
  • E. Evans - A Must for Travelers!We bought this chair for when we travel and it's been wonderful! It's so compact and easy to haul and so easy to set up! My daughter enjoyed being able to sit at the table with us in our hotel room. Easy to clean. Will be using for my son during travel and would definitely buy a second if both children needed it (my daughter is old enough to manage a chair now). Would definitely recommended. It's one of those products that you question buying, but are very thankful you spent the extra money!