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  • Ronald A. Barber "biggiemunn" - Grandma Mazur and Lula Rock!!OK,
    You're not only going to almost immediately love Stephanie Plum, but also you will kick yourself in the fanny if you don't meet Grandma Mazur and Lula.

    These two characters alone are worth every nickel and are two of the most hilarious characters in the history of fiction. If you don't get belly laughs every time either one appears in any Plum story, your funny bone has been coated with ether.

    How in heaven's name Follywood has not made these into an ongoing series is beyond me.

    Do yourself a favor. Allow yourself the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Plum, Grandma Mazur and Lula.
  • Sam P - Great product!Ordered Align Digestive Care Probiotic on the recommendation of my doctor after asking him about probiotics. The price was good and the product was delivered quickly. Align does not need to be refrigerated like many probiotics I've purchased in the past. Individual capsules are coded with the day of the week for easily keeping track of daily dosage.
  • N. Warren "Nikki W." - It WORKS!!!!!I gave 5 stars because just 4 days after consistant use, there is no odor, at all.... no discharge, at all..... and I feel great. My feminine health is all I wanted back, and this gave it to me. So grateful for this product!

    I would recommend this to anyone with an unusual odor or discharge, who has already been tested and is free and clear of any STD's, who has seen an OBGYN and has already tried anti-biotics.