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  • Lara A. Hansen - It isn't a miracle but it worksI know a lot of people want a product that magically makes the pounds drop off with out working for it. But that is not how the world works. I take this in conjunction with a smart low calorie diet and a 5 day a week gym habit. I've lost 32 pounds since June and I'm positive it was the addition of Garcinia Cambogia that really kicked the weight loss into gear. I recommend it as long as you work with it.
  • GinnyJean - 3 wolves, 1 moon, 2nd chancesAlthough I can't deny that the 3 wolf moon t-shirt does possess ancient Native American powers from another dimension, it did not endow me with super-human strength, healing powers, or an irresistable quality like some other satisfied customers.

    This is my story:
    I led a rather simple life. My boyfriend, Roy, and I, both unemployed meth-addicts, lived in an abandoned trailer just outside of a small town in West Virginia. Yeah, we had no electric or running water but we had each other. On cold nights we would huddle together, smoking meth and picking our skin...and neither of us were big on bathing or brushing teeth anyway. We got by on me working the streets while he played video games in his friends' moms' basement for 12 hours a day. We had everything we needed but still...something was missing.

    Knowing that Roys birthday was coming up soon I thought that this time I would get him something special. As we all know, the most unique gifts are only found online but since I had no electric or internet this put me in a dilema...until one of my thoughtful regulars agreed to exchange my services for a favor. We scoured ebay and Amazon for the right gift and then...I saw it. Three wolf moon t-shirt! It was perfect. It arrived just in time and Roy was thrilled. He put in on and almost immediatly it's powers were evident. He had an epiphany! Roy, who was never known for his intelligence, suddenly began firing off complicated mathmatic equations and developed an interest in chemistry. In no time, he had figured out how to build and operate our very own meth lab in our trailer! This allowed us to not only indulge in our hearts desire of meth but now I was able to cut back to part time whoring.

    Sadly, one day when I was performing favors for money while Roy worked in the lab something must have gone terribly wrong. I choked back tears as I stumbled through the smoking wreckage that used to be our home. Rumaging through the ash and debris, it appeared nothing had survived the blast, not Roy, not one crystal of meth, not even a shard of our trailer's aluminum. Everything began to spin. Just as I was about to sink deep into the depths of despair I saw it...THREE WOLF ONE MOON SHIRT that Roy had been wearing! In disbelief I inched my way closer to the scene and sure was real! Amid the destruction, I was amazed as it appeared that the shirt had been completely unscathed. There wasn't even any sign of Roy's charred remains within it's cavity. Everything else had been comepletely obliterated but the shirt remained. It was as flawless as the day it arrived. It was almost as if the heat from the exlosion cleaned and refined it as well, not even a trace of the stains and B.O. from Roys' wearing. Just then, it appeared as though a beam of light straight from the heavens was shining directly upon the shirt and I swear I heard angels singing. From that moment on, my life would never be the same.

    I saw things differently after that. The beauty and pefection of that miraculous garmet shining bravely in the midst of such destuction and chaos was profound, spiritual even. I was enlightened.

    Since then my life has changed dramatically. I've given up whoring and now work part time at Walmart. I saved up enough to go the community dental clinic where they extracted the 4 nubs I had left in my mouth and replaced them with a full set of false teeth!!! I also gained 100 lbs and people hardly believe it when I tell them I'm a drug addict! I even have a new boyfriend who is very successful and treats me good. He's about to be promoted to asst. mgr. at Burger King and his grandmom lets us stay in her spare bedroom. And while I can't say I've kicked my meth habit 100%, I have cut back a great deal and even stopped picking my sores!

    To this day, I can't bring myself to wear the mystical 3WM t-shirt out of respect for Roy but I can say that it hangs proudly on the wall over the futon that me and my boyfriend share in his grandmoms' spare bedroom. I am constantly reminded of it's saving powers and of how far I've come.

    Thank You, Three Wolf, One Moon T-Shirt!!!
  • Cvalenti - A fabulous resource!As a lover of theatre, I watch the Tony Awards like other people watch the Superbowl, and I frequently refer to my Theatre World volumes, as the internet is spotty at best for theatee information. Not only do the books include New York productions, but regional productions as well....something us non-New Yorkers appreciate. The pictures are beautiful, the information is so comprehensive, and this volume does not disappoint. It's a must-have resource for anyone who loves theatre!
  • Rick Hohmann - A MasterpieceDespite the fact that this is historical fiction, "Cain at Gettysburg" is the most important work ever written on the subject. This is war through the eyes of soldiers. George Gordon Meade finally gets his due. Not for children.
    Rick Hohmann
    Licensed Battlefield Guide
    Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Sachin Deshpande "Sach" - Superb book and method!I bought this book last year. It has helped immensely with my back, shoulder, and foot pain.
    I think it is worth it watch her videos on YouTube so that you get understanding of Esther's general approach. The one on the Google campus is particularly good.
    Essentially, she promotes a natural posture based solution to all pains. And that is what attracted to this method (as opposed to other methods such as prescription drugs, ibuprofen, electrical stimulus, etc.)

    It does take a little time to learn, but it is well worth it. It has clear pictures and descriptions of the eight techniques. I recommend the DVD as supplement just to understand the method in depth! And if you get a chance, get trained by a Gokhale method instructor.