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  • Agneta Carlson Sarinske "shutter bug book worm" - Excellent cameraSince I do not use the video function very often, I chose this model, and I am very pleased with it. I have owned several Panasonic cameras and I gave away the earlier G1 as well as earlier big zoom pocketable cameras. Despite mixed reviews from others I have always found them to be very dependable and in the hands of someone who knows... they take great pictures.
  • Joel S. Teig "tigertoo" - Relief for Intestinal DistressI have been taking Align for about two months. Over that period of time, this medication, that was suggested to me by my gastroenterologist, has slowly, but steadily, calmed the intestinal waves and gas attacks I had suffered with for more than a year. The medication actually makes things a little worse for the few couple of weeks, but after that period time, when the bacteria contained in Align takes over the flora in the intestine there is a calming. This medication should be tried by all those who have gas attacks and intestinal aches.
  • happyfeet - Absolutely my favorite GRE prep bookKaplan books are definitely my favorite for preparing for the GRE. Lots of study strategies and practice tests are included. It also includes a lot of information on the test and what to expect about the layout, on the day of, timing, etc. I have tried a couple other books, but Kaplan is definitely my favorite. I got a fairly strong score after about two months of regular studying (2-3 times per week) with this book.
  • Rocco - Best Concert DVD of the YearColdplay is simply at their very best. Saw this concert in 2012 and their performance was nothing short of...spectacular! In the past I have always liked some songs but seeing them live converted me into a lifelong fan....a must for your collection...only negative is the lack of grace-notes on the CD.