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  • Photoman - Old is Good!This "Old" version loaded onto Windows 7 (64 bit) without a problem.
    So far it has done all I have asked of it. I admit I started it as if I were new to Quicken. I did not try to import older data from a much older version.
    I like the simplicity of this product. It beats other products which use double entry bookkeeping.
    I chose an "Old" version as I do not need all the bells and whistles of the latest version.
    Nevertheless,I am happy to recommend Quicken to others as it is a simple system for keeping a track of one's finances. I speak with experience as I have used older versions of Quicken for a good number of years.
  • Iri from Sooke - Eee Transformer PrimeThis tablet is the best android on the market by far.It is ultra fast and so smooth and so responsive. It has the greatest image ,it is so sharp it's unbelievable! The 3 D is remarkable. Gaming with this tablet will get you to another world! If you want to buy something that you will really love to play with then this is it !
  • William Sumrall "Bill" - Great improvementI've used various versions of Quicken Deluxe over the years. The 2011 edition is a pleasure to work with. Automation galore. Does exactly what I want to do.

    Ordered from Intuit and got $30 discount by signing up for Visa card. Got the CD-ROM in 4 days. Can install up to three home users. No code required, just register the product. I installed on laptop & desktop without a glitch of any kind.

    No "ads" have appeared in the program. Maybe has to do with the CD-ROM disc being from Intuit and not a third party?

    Anyway, for $20 it was a heck of a buy!