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  • M. Kelly "Another Look Book Reviews" - A perfect paranormal bookReviewed at Another Look Book Reviews

    Fantabulous! I have finally broken my Nalini Singh proverbial cherry. Am I the only book blogger that had never read this spectacular Psy-Changeling series? As such I am not too sure what more I could possibly add to a book review for Slave to Sensation that hasn't already been said. So instead of a normal review, let me just lay it all out on the table.

    When I read the blurb and heard the buzz, I was sure that this Phy this was going to be complicated and hard to follow. However, due to the incredibly gifted Nalini Singh, she pulled off an interesting Phy culture with such amazing flawless detail that I had no problem understanding their interwoven psychic mind control type of culture. The Phy society is hard to humanly comprehend without rage, love, jealously and well, emotions in general. It makes me ponder the intelligence and depth of creativity of Nalini Singh.

    The Changeling society offers a perfect counterbalance from the Phy. Affectionate, protective, loyal and loves deeply.

    The conflict was so fresh and new. It was amazing to read the journey of Lucas being patient as Sascha became more and more self-aware of her emotions and abilities. The entire plot was so well thought out and constructed that I was drawn to each and every page.

    Lucas and Sascha's intimate moments were introduced at the perfect pace starting with the dream sequences. I especially loved the one dream sequence where she went to him wearing pyjamas with braids in her hair and he just held her. Proving that holding and hugging is just as sensual. It was touching because Sascha was hurting inside and seeking comfort from Lucas. As their romance bloomed to the actual physical touching, the anticipation and lovemaking was as hot as I've ever read yet quite beautiful.

    The ending was incredibly suspenseful and once again my eyes were constantly glued to the pages. Ok so you get how much I loved Slave to Sensation right? It was as close to being the most perfect paranormal book I have ever read. I cannot wait for book 2, Visions of Heat.
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