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  • Amaia - Yep...again...another winner!I'm a Karina Halle fan. She doesn't dissapoint. This book is another example of that.

    Two months after New Orleans. A couple of shows with the new third wheel, Rebecca. AND a couple of books in which our dear Perry was not the one telling the story. She is back. Yes!!! This book is equal parts horror and love. Karina is good messing up with our emotions and with this one I thought I was goin to end up with a heart attack. At some point I was laughing and crying at the same time.

    Basicly(sp!)we are,goin back to the beginning, taking a little ride to memory lane plus meeting some super scary...things. Decisions we were expecting will be made. Some secrets will come out. Laughs, tears, gasps....everything. This latest installment doesnt left any feelings out. A rolller coaster of emotions. Fans need to read this one!
  • Alexandra M. Buckle - Nice, nice, nice!I am really very happy with this purchase. Have a tablet but this is a small e-reader that was given to me by my family. The picture quality is superb, however it is rather difficult to read in broad daylight. Still my trusted companion.
  • nomorenicknamesleft "nomorenicknamesleft" - Made me into a UFC champ!Transformed my life! I won the junior UFC nano weight division title after drinking 5 gallons of Tuscan whole milk (though nearly did get disqualified because of the weight gain, a quick wet burp before the weigh in took care of that).

    Emboldened after the fight, with a Tuscan 1 gallon milk jug in hand, I headed out to the Vegas clubs and bumped (and burped) into Megan Fox. I'd like to think that I have massive python biceps and I tucked her up against my chest (sort of like those romance novel covers)...but really my scrawny arms barely blocked the martini glass she hurled in my direction. Then her twin beefy body guards grabbed my shoulders with their pinkies (ouch!) and much to my surprise instead of being pummeled flat into the ground (nodding towards the Tuscan milk jug) they casually spun me around and slipped me into Megan's embrace.

    Needless to say my stomach did a flip flop and up chucked a Tuscan cheese ball that landed dead center in her cleavage. Instead of the anticipated crotchgrabandtwist move she plucked the aforementioned cheese ball from her decolletage and plopped into her mouth. Her eyes (they're pretty big to begin with) exploded with delight, she grabbed me by the collars, wedging the Tuscan milk jug between us and proceeded to lambada me to her limo.

    Well, needless to say a private "party" ensued at her secluded Vegas residence. Thank goodness for Tuscan milk - it kept the mojo going on. Now two years later, I'm still going strong. Yeah, I'm locked up in Megan's Vegas condo, have to do the whole milkman thing, but hey - I'm not complaining - I get to hold her milk jugs every morning. Thanks Tuscan Whole Milk!