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  • Peter Kroetsch - Amazing soundI had only a passing acquaintance with the "Animals" album although I had like what I heard. I am a belated Pink Floyd fan, having several of their other albums, mostly in older CD versions. Now listening to this 2011 remaster, I am impressed not only by the music but the sound. I was blown away by the quality of the remastering. I've heard very few new, much less over 30 year old albums sound so amazing! I have good equipment: Oppo BDP-95 player, NAD amp, Vandersteen speakers and subwoofer. Good enough to hear what's there. The sound was brilliant: enveloping, clear, involving to a degree I would not have expected. I bought the new "Lapse of Reason" album, recorded ten years more recently at the same time. Surprisingly, the older album was much better in both quality of music (maybe not surprising with the full original band) and sound!
    Now I'm eager to check out the other remasters.
  • M. King - Relief from back pain can be a realityI would recommend Esther's book to anyone who is experiencing back pain. Her approach is unique and she offers relief for so many people who suffer from back problems of all types. Her focus on posture and the way we sit, stand, lie down, and walk is a whole new approach to improved back health, which in turn leads to an improved overall healthy life.
    Over the years I had tried everything from surgery and many other approaches from the clinical medicine world as well as many methods in alternative medicines. There had been times when I achieved some very limited relief but it was never long lasting. And in a short period of time I always would find myself back in the same old chronic pain situation. With Esther's approach I saw improvement very quickly and I've just completed my first year with my new back regimen and the differences are startling. I have far less pain, no longer rely on pain medications to get me through the day and my quality of life has improved tremendously.
    People frequently ask me what I've done to achieve the positive changes in my health and I always recommend Esther's methods to achieve wellness. Without hesitation I would recommend Esther's book to anyone who is living their life with painful back problems.
  • Mike Green - Perfect for Kids with BracesOur dentist recommended the Hydro Floss for our older two children (13 and 10) who found flossing with braces a challenge. I've not seen my son (10) more excited about flossing...ever. It has been a few weeks and they both still use it every night and love it. In my son's own words "it is awesome!" I supervised the first few uses to be sure they had the hang of how to fill the tank, change the tips, and adjust the pressure (and keep the plug out of the sink) but they picked it up quickly and it is a part of the normal bed time routine. Highly recommended.