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  • Toni Vines - BreathtakingI thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was horrifying what they expected of young people and it is very dark to even think that something like this could happen. That is the hardest thing about this story, the total disconnection of real life and the Games. I gave this rating because it was well written and pulled me in right away and made me care about the main characters.
  • Tracey "TABS" - Excellent toy for little tikes jealous of older sibling's iPad.our best holiday purchase last year! It has been a big hit with our 4-yr old and this year's holiday gifts will be additional games for the LeapPad. This tablet can handle falls out of the parked car and off tables, and still work (no cracks in the screen either). A very durable option for the younger crowd.
  • Jessplus1 - Love love loveThis stroller is amazing! Easy to fold and lift into a car while holding a squirmy baby. It is perfect for taking through tight spaces like aisles in a clothing store. So compact and light for me yet comfortable for my boy! I don't like the buckle as it is difficult to get undone but I guess it makes it harder for older kids to let themselves out.
  • Tristan S. - The Industry Standard for Perusing Headsho-er, Resumes!As a red-blooded American male who runs a service-oriented business, I am extremely concerned about the face that people see when they walk through the door to get familiar-quality buffalo wings and crab's legs along with a pitcher of trusted beer and an artful, skillful dance performance. It is imperative that, between making calls to vendors to make sure that they have flour in stock and checking to make sure that the silkscreeners have corrected the color alignment for the words on our latest shipment of booty shorts, that I am supplied in a prudent and expedient fashion with full-color photos of the women who hope to obtain gainful employment at my non-union, family owned establishment. What with all the depositiooounh, uh, faxes I receive on an hourly basis, it's unrealistic to assume that I'd be able to keep track of these poor girls who come in droves begging, pleading for a patronly and towering bastion of free enterprise to open the gateway to properity for them.

    I have been using Avery binders since I was a teenager with a dream - a dream that one day, I would have a successful business keeping my fellow red-blooded American males happy. I knew that the first step to assembling the right crew was to use proper organizational tools that allowed me to keep incoming potential and current valued talent organized according to various metrics. I stayed up countless hours throughout my teens, sometimes far past midnight, selflessly sacrificing my sleep-hours to realize my dream. Avery Binders have been with me every step of the way - from a teenaged lad full of pep and vinegar, to a stand-up beacon of bootstrap-pulling American entepeneurship. I am proud to say that not only men of similar stature from all over the world who happen to be stopping over in the fair city of Los Angeles but also hard-working, dedicated local men of meager means and big dreams frequent my establishment on a regular basis and shower talent that I sorted and organized via Avery binders with their hard-earned and gracious dollars.

    Ask any man who spends hours and hours every day going through binders and binders of women: Avery binders stand the vigorous test of time with the stamina of an olympian. I laud the convenient choice of convenient, pre-determined organizational format (A-Z, 1-31), and also the facilitation of creativity and indiidual need that only free enterprise can provide using blank tabs. Say, for instance, I needed to organize women via a range of pounds/kilograms, or inches/centimeters. Or, of ancestral extraction. These binders were obviously made with the discerning champion of free market enterprise or transient politician in mind, and their two-inch width is adequte for approximately three-hundred precious women, enshrined in Avery Quick-Load(tm) Sheet Protectors. Why, I'm looking through one of my favorite binders right now! You should see "J."

    To summarize: I trust Avery for all of my Woman-Sorting needs, and so should you.
  • Bookloverextraordinaire - A "must read" for both fans and critics of Michael JacksonBefore Michael's death, I had never heard of the author of this book, J. Randy Taraborrelli, nor had I remembered how much I really loved Michael Jackson as an artist. My grandmother bought me the "Thriller" album when I was five-years-old! Even grandma did not escape the knowledge that this album and musical genius was one of kind and always would be. I would play it over and over again even as a small child. The song, "Thriller" was my favorite. The scary laugh at the end would get me every time! I have been a fan of Michael's music for the past 27 years. No celebrity death has hit me like when Michael Jackson died. I felt, as did many others, like I "grew up with him." Besides him being an incredible musical genius, he did so many wonderful things for not only people who knew, but complete strangers. I was in love with his musical talent as well as his heart. Over the years, I had children, went to work, and etc. But his music was never too far from my heart.

    His death brought back incredible nostalgia. I bought Taraborreli's book shortly after Michael's death. After reading it, I am and always will be mesmerized by Michael's life. No one on this earth would have an effortless time dealing with all that he had to deal with. But I also agree with the author that Michael also made things difficult for himself as well. Who doesn't? If many of our lives were put under a microscope like Michael Jackson's has been since he was a young boy, how would we fair? I have to admit I cringed on the inside reading about the molestations. I have not been swayed either way in my beliefs of whether he is guilty or not. I am still just as foggy as I've ever been. For all the evidence that there was against him, there was always compelling evidence pointing to his innocence. One thing I know for sure is that my opinion really doesn't matter. There is only one judge in this life, and that is God. So I leave the molestation issue there, even though I pray and wish no child ever has to endure sexual of physical abuse of any kind, but I know that is not a reality.

    I thought this book demonstrated the truly human side of Michael Jackson and what all he endured in life, both good and bad. His life was filled with incredible blessings coupled with just as many tragedies. The physical and emotional abuse he suffered as a child is very serious. Not everyone "gets over it" as many people felt he should have by now. Suffering from child abuse can and does cripple people for life if they do not receive any help, no matter how rich and famous they are. Money, fame, drugs, and other people do not erase the pain as many onlookers may have thought it should have for Michael. I felt a wide range of emotions for him. I felt compassion, admiration, confusion, respect, and absolute amazement. Underneath it all, Michael was a human being, and people need to remember that. Even if he did seem "superhuman" and may have even viewed himself in that light. I think Taraborreli did justice to his life and I love how he ended the book.

    I encourage any Michael Jackson fan and critic to read this book. It is well worth the money and time. No matter what people's opinions are of his personal life, Michael Jackson was and will always be the best entertainer of all time. I'm thankful that I was blessed to live during his lifetime. I love his music and I always will. My prayer for Michael is that he is with God now. All the money, fame, and drugs can never replace what God can do to fill someone's life, heart, and soul. Sadly, Michael's life is a testimony to that. I so wish his life had ended differently. It breaks my heart that his children never got to see him perform, and that they have to go on with their lives without their father. It is a tragedy that he worked so hard and it took his death for a reemergence of his music to enter the lives of so many fans that have always loved his work. So many miss you and love you Michael. But I pray now that you are with the only true King of this world, and that is God. I believe Michael will finally know what peace is and will also be filled with the kind of love that no one human can ever fill. That's God's love. He doesn't have to search anymore for that kind of love, even though so many wish he was still here.