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  • E. Plaga - Best I've ever hadI can't believe how quiet this is compared to any other I have owned. My wife complained constantly about the baggless name brand one we had that cost close to what the Shark Nv did. Hated it, and was so loud it was deafening.
    This Shark Nav is 1/4 the noise level. Has noticably more suction. Has a good length hose and attachments. Seems well made to last. We could not be happier than this selection. Great price and outstanding performance.
  • A.J. - Updated - EA Made it RightBefore reading, please remember that a review that's contrary to your opinion isn't necessarily an unhelpful review. I've written an honest review of the game from my point of view, and I've tried to be as detailed as possible. If you find that this review isn't helpful, leave a comment saying what more I can address, and I'll be happy to. But please don't just mark it not helpful because you disagree with me.

    UPDATE: Not only am I completely and hopelessly addicted, my wife and two of my best friends are as well from watching me play. I'm playing in a region full of cities built by my friends. It's awesome. Also, EA made it right. EA responded to the issues by giving "mayors" a free game - I chose Battlefield 3. Thanks EA!

    UPDATE: So after logging 20 or so hours of this game, I'm thoroughly addicted. Small city size and all, it takes a lot of time to fill the map, and even then you're not close to done. I've been playing the same city for at least 17 of those 20 hours, and I'm positive that I could play for at least another 10 before getting bored and moving on to another city. The networked aspect is really nice if you have a friend or two with the game. It adds a fun, competitive edge without intruding on your typical zone-out-for-hours Sim City experience. I really like the game. Server issues are much, much better. I've also included my original review below - it's still got a lot of relevant information.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: First of all, I'd like to emphasize that I have played this game, which I suspect is not the case for a lot of the people giving it bad reviews. I don't understand how hundreds of reviews were posted almost immediately after it was released. It's not fair to judge a game based on the beta. I have played both the beta and the Limited Edition game, which I preordered from Amazon and received the day it was released. I was sure to play the game extensively before I gave it a review.

    First, the positives -

    - The graphics are generally really nice. The camera flexibility is awesome, it lets you see every detail of the city.

    - The menus and controls are intuitive, especially for someone who's not new to the franchise.

    - IN THEORY, cloud-based saving is a good feature (I'll detail more in the negatives). If your hard drive dies or the unforseen happens to your computer, your saved games SHOULD still be there.

    - I enjoy the multiplayer aspect. It's cool to be able to visit someone else's city and mock their feeble attempts... I mean... gain insight on how to better your own. It's also really nice to be able to share resources and a great works area.

    - Traffic seems to be less stupid than previous versions. I haven't yet seen citizens ignoring the giant highway just to overcrowd a residential street.

    - Despite the fact that many people say that the game has been "dumbed down", there are a lot of new things you can do. City tiles now have resources, so you can mine for coal and ore, drill for oil, etc. With the "city specialization" of the new game, you can really choose the industry of your city rather than just having hundreds of blocks of generic industry. I enjoyed turning my first city into an electronics hub (which required placement of factories, trade depots, and resource providers).

    - Zoning is nicer. Zones are now tethered to roads, avoiding that annoying problem of properties with no road access. Zoning is also now free, and why shouldn't it be? Telling someone they're allowed to move somewhere costs money?

    - I enjoy the fact that utilities travel by road (which is how it works in real life). They don't go building new streets without building the infrastructure required. It's just part of the job, and that's assumed in the new Sim City. I always found laying pipes annoying anyway.

    - Expandable and upgradeable facilities are a huge plus. For instance, wind power plants come with one wind turbine and a small processing facility. They also come with an access road. When your city needs more power, lengthen the access road and place more wind turbines along it, without having to create an entirely new facility. Schools are upgradeable with more classrooms, medical clinics with more patient rooms, fire stations with additional garage stalls for more trucks, etc. It really lets your city grow more gracefully.

    The negatives -

    - The servers can't handle even close to the volume they're getting, and that's only from people that bought the game on day 1. On day 1, I was able to play with just a few minor hiccups. Day 2 I experienced even more issues, but I got in some good playing time. Since then, literally after hours of trying to get in, the only thing I've been able to play is the tutorial because I keep encountering glitches and server congestion problems. Seriously, EA knew how many people to expect, sort these things out in beta. I find it inexcusable that I paid $60 for a game that I can't play. I miss the days when games worked on day 1.

    - I'm sure this is related to the server congestion issues, but my saved cities have been lost TWICE. Whenever I manage to beat the crowds and log in, it redirects me to the tutorial (six times and counting) because it sees that I don't have any saved games. Like I said, in theory, cloud based saving is good. However, losing a city that I worked on for hours because EA can't get their stuff together is rage-inducing.

    - Yes, the city tiles are small. They're VERY small. As others have said, it's stupid to have skyscrapers in a small box surrounded by open space. I used up 3/4 of my city's available space within three hours. I had a lot of room to build upward, but land space becomes endangered quickly.

    - The tutorial is dumb. It takes too long and is really tedious.

    - Yes, there are certain aspects of the game that are "dumbed down". Mass transit is limited. There are no more highways, only high-capacity avenues. One way streets are gone. However, dirt roads are a welcome addition.

    - The game is easier than previous versions. I have had no trouble at all maintaining a balanced budget. It's really not hard anymore.

    The bottom line is, I've enjoyed playing this game when I've been able to. I'm sure I'll enjoy it in the future. I know that the server issues will be worked out. It really doesn't deserve the bad rap it's gotten. And most importantly, I'm still happy I bought it.
  • andre - Well Worth itNow that i had this for a few months i might as well rate this above five star. you could throw this at a wall and it will work like a beauty. The special offers never get in the way.

    Durable little tablet.
    Very good speed.
    Amazing Picture Display.
    Good capacity.
    Sound quality exceeds perfection.

    Battery life sucks when playing games but when reading is good.
    No back facing cam.
    Slow charging speed.
    No way of increasing Capacity.

    So for this tablet on my rating scale i would rate this a 93 out of 100, sure its the best tablet i ever had in my hands, but it does not have much apps for doing work and you cant move things out of the download folder but for all the cons it has, it has the best sound quality i have ever heard and is very good with Skype and other social apps.