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  • Jeri Zerr "formerly a Road Warrior of the Nth... - We have returned to doing our own taxes with H&R Block At Home 2012 instead of using an expensive tax preparer.Let's face it, there is no reason most of us cannot do our own tax returns when we have the proper forms and tools and guidance at our disposal. Our true story includes formerly having hired very expensive tax accountants at over $500 per tax year to prepare our returns. Sure our returns were professionally prepared, but frankly it is a luxury we simply cannot afford in today's economy. So we hired a local CPA who has her own at home tax prep business. She helped us get some things organized and straightened out over the years, very helpful, and very very reasonably priced... but you get what you paid for. Ultimately it ended up costing us a small fortune due to various "minor" omissions such as a critical form not being included in the packet we were instructed to sign and submit one year in particular. Ouch. Then last year we experienced another very costly mistake that thankfully a couple of wonderful people at the IRS caught in time saving us over a grand last year alone - why didn't the so-called professional catch this? There has yet to be a single year that the IRS did not catch something that should have been included, each time it was to our detriment these minor omissions would have cost us had some great employees at the IRS not intervened on our behalf! So much for "reasonable cost" tax preparation; for the difference in sums we could have hired the expensive firm with less headache and still saved money had these issues not been caught in time.

    So out of frustration we have returned to doing our own tax preparation, this time with the advantage of having H&R Block At Home 2012 Deluxe + State. I've used H&R Block tax software before in previous years and have already learned to trust the software to reliably have the needed forms and proper guidance, as necessary. I appreciate the fact it includes e-filing if we were so inclined and the fact it will update with any tax code changes before we submit our final return in another 8 to 10 weeks. Installation was a snap and I love the fact we can now beginning plugging in rough numbers to get a better idea where things stand before the year is finalized. By getting a good rough idea now before the end of the tax year, if any major discrepancies are caught on the amounts withheld it will allow us time to make a payment prior to Jan 15th thereby potentially saving us additional penalties as well.

    One lesson we have learned over the years - it's far wiser to take the "rough draft" prepared tax returns to the local IRS Tax Assistance Center for review before submitting. They are very helpful and will go over the any tax questions in great detail. Only after the "rough draft" has their "seal of approval", THEN and only then we take a copy of the state return to the local State Tax Assistance Center prior to submitting. Those guys are amazing when it comes to reviewing a return before being submitted - that's how some of the above errors were caught and corrected prior to being submitted. Also, once they give the final nod on the tax return they have reviewed, they will even make a copy of the return and STAMP IT WITH THE DATE RECEIVED. This act alone has saved us $1200 in the past due to having that nice red stamp on our copy of our return! Or once they give their nod, it's also okay to go back to the software and e-file, if desired. This package allows 5 e-Files which is handy if you have a household of working teens or young adults or if you help other friends, neighbors or loved ones with their tax prep woes. Kudos to H&R Block for helping us taxpayers with our critical tax documents. I highly recommend and intend to purchase each tax year.
  • Christine "D&TsMama" - Big with lots of spaceI just received Amy Knapp's Big Grid Family Organizer and love it. It certainly is a big calendar. The usual spot on the side of refrigerator just isn't big enough for this calendar. I had to put a new nail in the wall to hang this up but I like where it is and I enjoy being able to see everything on it quickly and easily. Each month takes up two pages and there is plenty of room to write on each block. This helps in creating what we are doing by time. At the bottom of each day, there is a spot to write in that night's dinner. Definitely a bonus. Another bonus is the sheet of color stickers for doctor appointments, no school, game practice etc. I agree with the other reviewers who say the pages are flimsy, however using a ball point pen and not a marker will make it so it doesn't seep through. Overall, this suits mine and my family needs and I think it's a great calendar!
  • m2cutie - Great read, follows similar pace as other Historic Dan Brown BooksLets be honest, if you've read a Dan Brown historical based book you know what to expect. The main character Robert travels to a historic city, finds clues and solves a mystery. the setting and mystery is always different. Plus the reason for the mystery drastically changes. So if you've read one, they follow the same concept, but have completely different story lines, you won't be guessing the end of this one until you reach the last pages. High recommend if you like other Dan Brown books. Dan Brown's Code Decypher book isn't historically based in the same way. so if that's the only book you've read this will be a surprise, but a good one. If you like art and history and don't mind a few truths and untruths mixed in to help the plot move around you'll enjoy! If you're looking for hard facts buy a history text book, this is based in art and history, but only based. The rest is from the creative mind of Dan Brown