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  • joker77 - Wonderful walkthrough through things which are just around the cornerI had the privilege to get hands on a preview version - thanks again Robert!

    First of all I have to admit that I was a very sceptical person about all this kind of stuff. But following Robert Scoble on Facebook, Twitter etc. changed my mind. After I have heared the news that there will be this book out this year, I started to feel excited. Now after I have read through the book I am able to recommend it to every one. May it be some sceptical person like myself or may it be a person which is fully engaged with this stuff.

    Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have written a book which guides us through everything which is already possible and also which will be possible soon. It is well written and an easy read. It is not for geeks only, it is also the best way for people which are not used to this stuff to start to get engaged with it!
  • K Hoy "K Hoy" - My ASUS TF201 Prime is okay.....I read all I could before ordering last month and am happy to report mine has had no issues. ICS loaded problem free, the Wi-Fi and GPS work fine anywhere I've tried in my house. The battery life is very good as well. It will not replace my laptop or desktop for inputing to the internet as a larger screen size and a real keyboard makes that task easier. Once you do have your favorite web sites loaded into the tablet though it's easier to navigate around with the GUI interface and just finger swipes. There are lots of apps available to chose from that are both fun, useful and informative. They load quickly and are fast and ready to use with their own icons. If I had to chose between a laptop or tablet strickly for versitility and productivity I'd still pick a laptop but the tablet interface makes it quicker to navigate and to checkout your favorite web sites with finger tip swipes in half the time while enjoying a morning cup of coffee. The unit works for me but then I tend be a moderate techno junkie so I'll keep this tablet and continue to enjoy what it does best. I purchased a cover that allows the tablet to stand up at different angles which makes it easier to use by freeing up your hands, also added a 32GB class 10 micro-SD storage card.
  • Marilyn Goldstein "Marilyn Goldstein" - Increase in Binder-EligiblesIf there is any question left that Mitt Romney is a job creator, his very mention of the Binder of Women will no doubt spike binder sales, putting millions of Americans to work punching three holes. More important, it became apparent that binders will offer a small-business opportunity. I see a need for a new product: the Binder of Binders (pat. pending). As we women march forward to equal participation in the workforce, at least until 5 p.m., there will more and more binder-eligible candidates. Thus one binder per office will not suffice. Who wants dozens of binders piling up on one's desk. You could lose your iPhone in such disarray. So every forward-thinking business person will need a Binder of Binders (pat. pending) to keep the huge female labor supply on the shelf. Thank you Mr. Romney for creating another small job-creating business. Look for the Binder of Binders (pat. pending)on Amazon soon.
  • David M. Pittle "David M. Pittle, Ph.D." - Detailed Research in Non-Canonical MaterialThere is so much to learn here. Aslan doesn't just start and end with Josephus as so many other popularized books do. He has researched and exposed many Roman, Jewish and Christian sources that we rarely see to get at the whole cultural milieu surrounding Jesus life and times.

    It isn't that there is anything new here--though it may be new to some readers,--but most people who simply read the New Testament never discover the culture, history and politics which lie behind the basic narrative. Of course the New Testament gospels were written at least forty years after the death of Jesus. So nothing there is of first hand knowledge. It is all "hand me downs". That doesn't make it all wrong, but simply makes it impossible to know, for sure, what is in any sense "factual" and what is accretion from second and third generation Christian community.

    But more important, understanding the meaning of the story does depend on understanding the historical backdrop. Ignoring the latter, the Jesus story becomes one of many personalized stories of a miracle-worker who purports to be somehow tied directly to God. But the historical background shows the underlying political center of the life of Jesus.
  • Brinson Descendant - Love the Bullet!I don't have time to write a long review, but I do want you to know that I absolutely love this product. I would, however, suggest that you be very careful when you put the cup onto the body or motor because the plastic tabs required for product to work will break. I wasn't careful, and my large cup only worked for a couple of months.

    I have to see if I can buy one separately. We probably use ours twice per day, and that has been the only big problem. Love it!