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  • Dr. M. K. Seifert "Dr. Kathryn Seifert" - For your creative side!!Whether you have neglected your creative side or not, this guided journal will be helpful and fullfilling. It guides your path and has great ideas. You will be changed. Very worthwhile reading.

    Get in touch with things that have color and fragerance, texture, and sound. Give your senses a vacation. You will love the mood it creates.

    Dr. Kathy Seifert, Author of
    Relax...Your Life Depends on It: a Journey of Discovery with the Wise Old Woman
  • Pat Westmoreland - An Eating Program that Makes SenseI have known for along time that some foods or combinations of foods don't agree with me, so I was intrigued when I found this book. I decided that I would give the program a try. I am at day 14 of the program and have lost 9.1 pounds. My arthritis has diminished significantly and I am sleeping better, and I find more mental clarity. I would say to anyone that has gone through the gamut of weight loss programs, or is tired of using drugs to treat the symptoms of aging, to give this program a try - what do you have to lose - weight for one, and the added bonus of feeling great.
  • Dr. Bojan Tunguz - My Favorite Collection in Several YearsI am a big fan of short fiction, and I am always looking for opportunities to read a good short story or two. In the years gone by, when I was not as busy with my work, I'd probably read a story or two a week, mostly in the New Yorker or some similar magazine with a literary bend. Recently, though, I've drifted away from those publications and don't get a chance to read short stories as often as usual. I still make a point of going through the "Best American Short Stories" collections at the end of each year. They keep me abreast of what has been written lately, but each year's edition can swing widely in terms of the quality of writing. I felt that in recent years stories, incredibly literary and well-written as they were, have become stale and too workshop-like. Fortunately, after reading this year's collection I have a renewed sense of optimism about American short story. In my opinion, this is perhaps the best collection in three to four years and well worth reading.

    The first few stories in this collection did not really impress me all that much. The American authors still seem to be more obsessed with the inner states of the protagonists minds, interpersonal relationships, and overall moods and sentiments than they are with the plot development and a delivery of just good old storytelling. However, the quality of the stories picked up and soon enough I was reading stories that had a lot of emotional impact and had you thinking and coming back to them for days after I finished reading them. A few of the stories that stood out for me were Nathan Englander's "Free Fruits for Young Widows," Ricardo Nuila's "Dog Bites," and George Sunders' "Escape From Spiderhead." Many others took chances with the narrative style, plot twists, and the points of view. They were as interesting and provocative as they were well written. Overall, I am really happy with this year's choices and hope to see many such good stories in the upcoming edition of this collection.
  • Jerome J. Hausman - seeking the significance of music educationI have known Bennett Reimer and admired his work for a long time. "Seeking the Significance of Music Education"is a very important publication.Essays written over a 50 year time span are now reprinted along with reflections from a present day vantage point."This book is a kind of intellectual memoir of a life spent grappling with intractable questions relating to music education. The essays are organized into three parts: Our Values as a School Subject; Achieving Our Values;and Preserving and Enhancing Our Viability. . Much has happened in the intervening years. New technologies have altered our means for making and disseminating music. The arts have become highly politicized. Previous distinctions between "high" and "popular"have been erased.The image of the artist has changed.This is an invaluable book for those who want to teach all of the arts.
  • Rosanne Vancleve "Rosanne" - This is a must read seriesOur entire family has enjoyed the entire Gabaldon Outlander series. We savor each book knowing it has to come to an end, waiting for the next, and not looking forward to the series conclusion (if there is one). It's a 2-year commitment to read the entire series, but what a story!!! And a great way to learn of Scotland and the colonies' early history.