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Loperamide Hydrochloride: Buy Loperamide Hydrochloride (Imodium)2 mg 100 tablets (Brand Name) $38.00. This medicine is an antiperistaltic agent used to treat diarrhea. - Buy Loperamide Hydrochloride (Imodium)2 mg 100 tablets (Brand Name) $38.00. This medicine is an antiperistaltic agent used to treat diarrhea.


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  • Joseph Siegler - Plenty of good, legal info. Can save you a ton of money.This is a pretty good piece of software if you're a small company, looking to save some money on legal documents. Lawyers can cost an arm and a leg (and part of the other arm too) where I live, so this kind of software is a good thing to have. I wouldn't use this if I were a huge corporation with 1,000 employees, though.

    But if you're small, and need some help with things like this, then it's probably right up your alley. On top of the documents you can prepare, there's also five legal books on the CD as well. I won't list them all, you can just look at the main product listing for that.

    It also has another side benefit - it's not JUST for businesses. Your home can get some benefit from this as well.

    This isn't a substitute for a good attorney, but definitely will get you moving on a number of legal issues cheaply.
  • PaceyPimps - Better then iPad 3What more can you want
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  • luvamaz - Best Baby-Vac!This Truly is the Best Baby Vac on the Market, made by Arianna.
    We have used it for both our children. They are age 4 and 2, and we still use it.
    We started when they were teething. We bought a small shop-vac, and took it on trips. We were never without the shop-vac, and baby-vac.
    Once, when driving across the country, with sick kids, my husband found a way to go to Home Depot, and hook the shop-vac to our car battery, so we could suction, our son, through the car window. You never want to see snot running down your kid's face again,after using this awesome Baby-vac!!
  • The1no - Great for men and womenThis is hands down one of the best books I have ever read. If you like strong characters with real emotions that make sense and an author who can truly suspend your disbelief, this book is for you. I actually picked this up used, read the whole thing, and went back to find the first two in the series. My husband and I have completely different taste in books, and he loves it too. I recommend the whole Outlander series.
  • Anita L. Fretwell "Anita Fretwell" - I tutor someone for the GED...and I am very glad to have the same book that she is using to learn more about how to pass the GED. It is very good in content, though I have had to come up with additional practice for the math. But, overall, the price, the whole buying experience, and the book's contents have made me a very happy tutor!