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  • Ajz23 - Best edition in a long time!I have purchased every Eat This and Cook This book to date and the last few have been a bit repetitive. However, this edition really shines compared to the few that preceded it. There are a ton of informative articles at the beginning followed by a revamped version of the "eat this not that" section of the book. I am glad that the series has picked up and will be able to maintain existing fans and hopefully bring in a bunch more!
  • sleeplesangel - Worth the $$I got this when it was on amazon's lightning deal for a really good price and I am beyond satisfied with the product. Easy to use and fun for people of all ages. Drawings are easy with my bamboo tablet but may be a little harder to use if you don't have one. My suggestion would be to buy one when this product is purchased. Happy with my purchase and cant wait to draw again.