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  • Erron - Perfect Halloween BarbieI got this for my sister for Halloween because she loves Halloween and Barbies so I knew this would be perfect for her. She loves this doll a lot and is already playing Trick Or Treat with the doll and she loves the outfit that comes with the doll. I am very satisfied with the purchase and I think any little girl would love this Halloween Barbie.
  • Prequilette - I Love itI wanted to try this product because of a coworker. She went on and on about it. She said that I needed to upgrade from my Kindle. I still use my Kindle, but the tablet is just as entertaining.I love the tablet.
  • Alliekat9 - Blows away the competition, soothes the savage babyFor 2 weeks we thought our newborn had colic, as she would always cry unless she was eating or sleeping. We had the Fisher Price Starlight papasan swing, which she liked 'just ok.' The swinging motion of the Fisher Price swing caused her to spit up though, and it had only 2 incline options which were variations of flat. At night, getting her to sleep after a feeding or diaper change was an epic challenge lasting easily 30-45 min each time she woke. This equated very little sleep for the new parents (us).

    I broke down and bought the silver classic Mamaroo and the plush newborn insert, hoping that it would help her get to/stay asleep and allow her a comfortable place to sit and play in a more upright position. I set it up in about 5 minutes and was very impressed with the quality of materials and simplicity of the design. I placed my crying baby in the Mamaroo and started the rock-a-bye program. I told my husband, 'She'll probably hate it at first, but hopefully she will get used to it.' However, before I had finished my sentence, SHE WAS ASLEEP! We looked at each other in awe. This thing was golden! The rest of the night, we kept looking at the Mamaroo with baby inside and barely believing she was still asleep. I had to actually wake HER up for a feeding and diaper change, she was so cozy.

    This chair saved our sanity and kicked the proverbial butt of the Fisher Price chair. $200 seems like a paltry sum now (with 2 weeks of sleepless nights behind us). We can easily move it from the living room during the day to the bedroom at night. I highly recommend getting the newborn insert if you have a small baby (our newborn was 6 lb). I daresay we may run it into the ground with constant use, but hey, can you put a price on quiet moments and a comfy, sleeping baby?

    At the TOP of my list of must-have baby items when I recommend stuff to my expecting friends.