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  • Randy L. Miller - Beta tester reviewAs a long time tester and user of Intuit's product line, I can attest that this release of Quicken has finally cleared up every squabble I've had over the last several years! You can now actually back up your data file to cdrom, which hasn't worked in at least the last 3 versions, and it's been consolidated to one file, which makes it much easier to find as well! All in all a great product and one that I'm proud to say wasn't released till all my bugs were resolved.
  • Eclipse - Good productDoes what it clams. It's not harsh at all on your stomach. Well for me it's not and I have a sensitive stomach. Better then anything at the drug store that's for sure!
  • BookerTea - History Rendered RealIf you think history has to be dry as stale dog poo, check out Hilary Mantel's novels. I loved Wolf Hall, and Bring Up the Bodies continues the saga of Thomas Cromwell through the beheading of Anne Boleyn. The reign of Henry VIII has been done to death, but somehow Mantel manages to breath new life into it. I can't wait for the concluding book in the trilogy. If you know your history you'll know that Cromwell comes to a bad end. P.S.: Mantel's novel about the French Revolution, A Place of Greater Safety (bad title, good book) is also extremely worthwhile.