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  • S. KAPOOR - Excellent Product!I had to get a new laptop & needed to upgrade my old Office 2004. The only drawback here was that it took over 3 hours to download & install, and I do have high-speed internet! I have used Office forever, and I like Word & Excel & PowerPoint. Very cost effective upgrade. Just make sure you give enough time to download & install. Thanks Microsoft!
  • Phyl - Where There Is No DoctorI bought this book from Amazon to send to my granddaughter. Ellie is in the Peace Corps in Malawi, Aftica. She would like to start a library there with Medical Books. She works at the Medical Center and the people need Medical Books. They are not educated like we are in the United States and have little training. I do hope this book which my granddaughter asked for, is very helpful.
    Ellie requested "Where There Is NO Doctor" so I assuming it is very good.
  • anonymous from NJ - I think some reviewers here are really ignorant....How can The Wall be compared to anything by Usher or the Streets? Who the hell are the Streets, anyway? I've had The Wall for about 20 years now, and hands down its one of the best albums I own.

    I think that the MTV generation really misses out on what is real music. Anyway, when does MTV play videos anymore? Never.

    And, you can check out the full-length Pink Floyd The Wall movie if you want to see music videos so badly.
  • BuckStar - Compatible with Lenovo w520 laptopSSD hard drives are great, if you don't have any Blue Screens of Death. I've checked a lot of SSDs before buying this one. Many other product's forums described various compatibility issues. My choice was between the Samsung and this M500 unit. Crucial has a great price point, it was easy to install and just worked.