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  • Jonathan Bates - This is Pink Floyd's best albumI'd rather not review an album that my prose is unjustified in raving. However, I am compelled to encourage those who believe they have exhausted the sonic fringe, yet have not discovered 'Animals', to get this album, put their headphones on, and milk it. Although many consider this a 'stripped down' work from Pink Floyd, the music on Animals maintains their characteristic sound from 'Dark Side of the Moon', 'Wish You Were Here', etc. The central three songs are epic and each incorporate guitar-keyboard interaction in a distinct way from PF's other albums. If you like rhodes keyboards, you will also like this album. In keeping terse, I suggest you get this album and hear Pink Floyd's greatest masterpiece yourself.
  • JeffP - This stuff is GREAT!First of all, understand that I almost never write a review of anything on amazon. This is a rare occurrence for me.

    I'm currently suffering from a very low absorption medical condition, and I was literally circling the drain, having lost a lot of weight.

    Almost immediately upon starting to use this Ensure Plus product (several jugs a day), I started to regain weight. Unlike other methods I have tried for getting my calories up, this has been very easy on my digestive system, and has not bothered me even the tiniest bit -- despite taking it several times each day. The jugs are very small and yet pack 350 calories in each one. Lots of protein too. The small size of the jug makes it very quick and easy to get one down. Even for a sick person, it would be easy to take. I really like the taste and the creamy texture too.

    The product is safe for celiac people (gluten-free), and also does not seem to bother me at all on the lactose intolerance side of things either.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for anyone needing to add substantial amounts of very absorbable healthy calories to their daily diet.