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  • G. A. Rivera "Gabe" - Great camera!So far I have used my camera for scuba diving and it has been GREAT! Very good image and sound quality. Even the pics are ok and look good.
    The only thing I kinda found hard to learn it was after my first dive, on video mode and with the lock ON, after coming up the camera would not turn off (because of the lock) .... I was fool enough to take the batteries out to turn it off and that caused the video not to be recorded. Just a 0kb file .... Anyways, just be careful, when the lock is ON and you want to turn it OFF, just "unlock" it and everything will be fine. Sounds obvious, I know....
    Great camera, I am thrilled with it!
  • Tyler Rountree - best regimenbetter than proative, nutrogena, clearasil, best over counter products for acne. if this doesnt work try a prescription from your dermatologist. go to this website too.
  • Mammy - A Book That Makes One Contemplate The PossibilitiesJeannie's book creates an intriguing dot-to-dot of her adult life ... bringing readers from her upscale NYC writing career to life as a Lavender Farmer in the Texas Hill Country. While she could have easily settled with the "velvet coffin" of her impressive career, she felt pulled towards marriage and motherhood ... which brought her unexpected and uncomfortable compromise, but even greater unexpected surprise and joy. Jeannie's is a story that encourages people to leave their comfort zones from time to time, to let go, to let fate take over ... and then to enjoy the unfolding of life.

    A wonderful page-turner.
  • Jenny, CNM - God, what a RUSHI'm very excited about this new Breathless Trilogy. Each book is a story about one of the sexy, bad boy, billionaire best friends; Gabe, Jace, and Ash. Rush is the story of Gabe and Mia. For me, Gabe was like a Henry Cavill, Jace is a Matt Bomer, and Ash is an Alex Pettyfer. No, this is not Magic Mike, but it is filled with very hot men who make you want to fantasize. Lots of hot sex, check. Lots of dirty language, check. Lots of kink factor, check. If that is too much for you, then you may not like this. But, Maya Banks weaves an interesting storyline and plot in there that I certainly could not put down. I love her writing! For me, this is just as good as Fifty Shades!