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  • Patchy Fog - Unobtrusive, Effective Protection for Old and New PCs AlikeOver the last ten years I have tried most of the major internet security suites (including Kaspersky, BitDefender, McAfee, Eset). I was always searching for a suite that would work well on my workhorse 2002 Dell as well as more recent systems (newer desktop, laptops, notebook). It was not easy to find one piece of software that was equally effective for old and new alike. Some of the other programs slowed my older PC to a crawl. For the past three years I have used the Norton internet security suite and I believe I now have the ideal choice for all of my computers.

    Norton Internet Security is very unobtrusive. Most of the time I do not even know it is there. There are no glitches on my older Dell. For this I am grateful. My newer computers run flawlessly with this software.

    Now the one feature that has "hooked me for life" is Norton's Identity Safe. This component saves all of your UIDs and passwords on your PC. You can see each combination whenever you wish. Identity Safe will ask you if you want to save any changes you make whenever you make them. With this component you can do the prudent thing: you can use as many different UIDs and password combos as you wish; in this way you avoid using the same combination for every account you have. Experts recommend that you use different passwords (instead of the same UID-password for every account you have) so that there is not a single "key" to all of your internet account "doors."

    If you are looking for a set-and-forget security system that is minimally intrusive and does not hog your computer's resources, give Norton a try.
  • Stephen Juan - This is a great resource for new parentsIt literally fits the name "411." Its our go to resource for burning questions from feeding to teething and sleeping. It will give you enough info to know whether to not panic or to call your doctor when your child is sick. Definitely useful for first time parents!