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  • Matthew T. Shoneff "pool dawg" - Great heating pad!The heating pad is very comfortable to use. It is my favorite one so far. It heats up very fast and the cord is long also. All in all it is a great heating pad. Love how it has a light up display so u can see it at night. The only problem i have is the place where the cord plugs in to the connector hits my upper right shoulder blade but i moved it over to the side and that fixed the problem.
  • J. Fletcher - Recommended as a must read for those who like subjects for discussion.This has been a surprise find. I have learned so much from these essays and searched many of the names referenced on the internet. The one that stimulated much discussion in our family was about drugs for depression. There are a variety of subjects included in this collection and each gives pause for reflection or invites research.
  • Marco Polo "Voltohm" - Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 User / 3 PC [Old Version]Bought this 2012 Version (price was really cheap on Amazon) for my son and showed him how to update it for free to the 2013 Version and he loves it. Whats not to like, I have used Norton Internet Security for over seven years and I have never had a security issue and it really installs fast and simple. I really love it. I always buy the software from Amazon in February of each year because the price in that month is always less than half what it costs in August or September when Norton puts it on the market. Great price, packaging and delivery as usual from Amazon.
  • Photographica - Very SatisfiedInstalled on a net-book running Win 7, and Vista machine, and a full size notebook running Win 7 Professional. Not the first first problem in any of the installs. I just followed the simple instructions and everything worked as advertised. I've been a Norton's Internet security user now for three years and am completely satisfied with its performance and security on all three of my computers -- even the slooooow netbook.
  • Dania Malveo - My little miracle!I been suffering from severe headaches since I was 6 years old and from acute migraines since I was in my late teens. Thankfully in my thirties the migraines have gotten better thanks to a treatment, but when I got pregnant with my second child, the headaches have become unbearable again. After doing some digging around I found this product by coincidence. I decided to try it based on the reviews and on the attitude on "what I have to lose?" maybe a headache of two...well, by the time I received the chillow I have been with a pounding headache for almost three weeks straight. After I received it and when through the process of waiting to set it up...the first night I was able to sleep with it by the next morning my headache was gone! I actually spend most of the morning headache free. I couldn't believe it. it even work better than my medicine. After a full week of using it, I was free of headache for a full day. Now I only used when I need it. I absolutely LOVE it. I have bought one for my brother and sister that suffer from headaches/migranes as well, and for my son, he used to wake up a lot through the night, and the back his head was extremely hot, once I put the chillow under his pillow case. He sleeps better, longer and his head has a normal temperature.