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  • melony sexton - Loved the keyboard cover! The case cover was great as well..The keyboard cover fits the keyboard like a glove, and keeps dust and pet hair out. The outer cover fit well except for one snap on the bottom right but it does not affect how the rest of it fits. It keeps the computer clean and is thick enough to protect it against some bumps. Some reviews complained that you could not see the apple shining through the cover. I don't really care about this- I'm not that vain. Overall was a good product at a great price!
  • Deb "Deb" - best mac additionI am an extremely busy director of medical services (2 facilities). Because most medical softwares do not work with Mac, I have to use a windows based system at work but love my mac at home. I love all of the applications for mac, but this product allows me work from home with ease.
  • Steve Green "Steve" - Works for usMy wife and I have been practicing the ideas in "Peace" for two months now, and this is the closest, and most consistently-loving that we have been in 11 years of marriage. The thought of giving up orgasm altogether is unsettling, but the potential in this idea merits exploration.

    I was interested to read Satyr's review. I did not see Peace Between the Sheets as a polemic against any sexual practices. Rather, the author's point is that the over-stimulation (at a brain chemistry level) of orgasm creates a desire for separation between partners of any sexual persuasion. As she points out, this wisdom has been around for thousands of years. We just never hear about it.

    For me, it was interesting to contemplate, as Robinson does, whether this built-in separation trigger may be behind all forms of alienation between the sexes. It seemed to me that she was no more against masturbation or homosexuality than she was against celibacy or churning in heterosexual relationships. Her views are, in fact, quite inclusive.

    I find the book very sex positive, very pro-intimacy, and refreshingly clear in defining the benefits to be gained from lasting relationships. It works for us.