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  • Mary Runion - Awesome CreativityI thought this video game would be too "kid friendly" but after playing it alone and with my kids, I was hooked! Not only do you play with your cub, you get to play mini games and go through a maze of a map!
    I love the soccer games and the throwing games, which get all of us up and moving! It is a blast to share this with my kids and see their imaginations go wild while they jump, kick, roll on the floor and act silly! That's what kids are supposed to do!
  • Post, Marnie - Happy and healthy from now on.After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 18, I'd watched my symptoms grow more severe as the years passed. Seven years later, my flare-ups of the disease were becoming longer, more painful, and less responsive to the lastest drugs. This book finally gave me some control. I started using Elaine's diet on Jan. 1, 2000, determined to be well. It's been eight months, and I'm doing great. My symptoms gradually disappeared after 2 months on the diet. At this point I am 100% free of symptoms with the exception of when I get a little lazy and eat out more, or buy deli foods that I'm "pretty sure" are safe on the diet. Inevitably I can backtrack and find the offending substance(s) in foods that have brought about mild "reminders". I've been off prednisone for 3 months (longer than I've been off it in years), and I'm off 80% of my other medications.The suggestions in this book may seem difficult, or even impossible to follow (believe me, 90% of my previous diet included foods that are off limits on this diet), but no piece of bread, glass of milk, or chocolate is worth experiencing the loss of health this disease, and other GI diseases, imposes. My most sincere thanks to Elaine Gottschall, Dr. Hass, and others, whose research has given us the information in this book. I no longer worry about how much longer I can get away with not having surgery, where my income will come from after using all my sick days from work, or what medications could harm my unborn child when it comes time to start a family. Thanks to the specific carbohydrate diet, this disease is under my control. Support group information online can be found at scdiet.org.Update 8/12/01 This diet has allowed me to be symptom-free and medication-free for well over a year. The longer you do it the easier it gets!
  • Martha T. Gregory - Best deal! User Friendly!Have always used tax programs to do my own taxes. I find that H & R Blok is best, mainly because I can call locally for answers to most questions. Theirs is also the easiest to follow program that I have tried. The program is less expensive on Amazon. I have priced retail and on-line...with promotions and Sale prices...Amazon still the best deal. I actually bought a second progam for my daughter and paid even less than for mine!!
  • Merrill - Three Wolves arrive in AfghanistanAs I sat in my office on the other side of the world waiting with baited breath for my Three Wolves Shirt to arrive I knew I would be faced with a difficult choice, to wear or not to wear. The day my shirt arrive was much like any day here in Afghanistan, crappy! But that was to change once I ventured down to the mail pick up point. I could feel the power of the shirt drawing me to a small white package. I grabbed the package and ran to my office (I was able to run the distance in record time). I tore open the package and ripped off my uniform top. As I put on the shirt I could feel the weight melt off me (I have lost ten pounds since the few hours of wearing the shirt and no longer am I required to go to the gym). I no longer feel the need to carry my weapon as I am bullet proof. The other Soldiers in my unit are lobbying the senior leadership of the army that I be promoted without delay that I may take charge of the war and end it. The problem I spoke to earlier about whether to wear or not is simple. Since I have been wearing the shirt the local Afghani populace has come to notice the power that radiates from me. They have become even more divide with one group calling on me to replace the current Prime Minister in order to subdue the Taliban. The other group has come to be jealous of my unspeakable power and is plotting to remove my shirt from me to obtain the power for themselves. If they only knew about Amazon.com! Either way, now that the shirt has arrived in country the war will be over soon and I am sure that I will be asked to step into the Presidential Race and bring peace to our country.