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  • Gregory G. Perez - I'm so surprised at negative reviews ??I absolutely love the pan and they clean up effortlessly. We did follow the directions and heated it up with oil and then just wiped it out with a paper towl before using them. I've been using two of them for about six months with amazing cooking and cleaning results. My wife and I are on diets and dont use oil to cook so let's say we are cooking chicken, it gets nice and browned and honestly so does the bottom of the pan. All I do is let them soak for 10 minutes in soap and water and they clean right up with a sponge. I was just looking to see if a larger one was available because I think they are incredible. I can only guess there are poor reviews are because of not properly breaking them in. They work great for our family for daily use.
  • emilieemanuel - Only thing that has worked to provide reliefI have been battling chronic BV/Yeast infections since April of 2012 - it is now December of 2012. I am starting to wonder if it will ever end - the constant back and forth.
    I have tried almost everything - the RepHresh Pro-B supplements, yin-care douching, oral/gel antibiotics (five rounds of treatment for BV). I think this all started after I took Prednisone for a sinus infection in April.

    This Vaginal Gel is the ONLY thing that has provided relief from the burning/discharge/odor associated with BV. If I use it right after sex or immediately after my period, I can fight off BV returning right away. It always returns, but this gel has significantly enhanced the length of time between. I highly recommend it for chronic sufferers.

    I am now trying an Alkaline diet and will try taking Nature's Way Primadophilus Reuteri supplements - which were described as miracle cures on various forums I have been researching on. If worse comes to worse - I will try the boric acid approach.

    If anyone has found a cure to this and ran into the same problem-please drop me a note. I would sincerely appreciate it. If you are struggling with the same problem, this gel really really helps and I wish you the best in finding your cure!
  • Penny White "Shopper" - Refreshing and terrible...Carl Zimmer is a science writer with a passion for his subjects. In Parasite Rex, he makes this clear through his colorful descriptions of not only parasites, but also those who study them.

    The book does an excellent job of exploring the history, present state and future of parasites; as well as exploring some of their implications to evolution.

    This book is definitely "like a train wreck" at times, you don't want to look, but you also can't look away. Highly recommended.
  • JADJones - A nice SurpriseI have tested many different AntiVirus Software over the last 10 years. Some consume the majority of your system resources and clog your system with giving you little or no protection, where others partially clog and partially protect. Then there is the scanning. I have 3TB of files on my system, most AntiVirus software takes over 2 - 5 hours to scan, and I can not work on my computer at the same time. This one takes less than 2.5 minutes for a full scan. I have yet to find a product that works half as good as a Webroot product. I have used Webroot Spysweeper for five years and I insist my clients use it as well on the computer systems I build or fix for them. When Webroot asked me to Beta test this product I was willing because I felt confident in their products. It installs quickly and then quietly works in the background... so quietly that I actually forgot it was there, until one day it popped up informing me that it found something. Wow, I actually forgot it was there! Just yesterday I was unpacking an "extras" file from a software I had just purchased, and it popped up again telling me that it found a nasty and then gave me detailed step by step instructions, and then it scanned again in case there were any trace/pieces. From start to finish - including scan time - 3 minutes and problem solved. That impressed me, and I do not impress easily. Simply put, you can not buy better, efficient protection anywhere.
  • J. Prather - Absolutely wonderfulCounting by 7's is simply a beautiful story. It speaks from the heart with a raw level of emotion that was unexpected and seldom seen in middle grade fiction. Its life affirming message is masterfully delivered with prose that is well written and thought provoking. There are absolutely no mis-steps as the author paints a picture of a young girl destroyed by grief and rebuilt by love.

    Willow Chance is a twelve year old genius. She is devoted to her garden, her parents, and quietly learning to manage the intricacies of middle school when both of her parents are killed in a car accident. Her life becomes chaos, and it's only through the efforts of an unlikely group of people that she discovers a future for herself. Willow is an astounding character that I won't soon forget. She touched my heart, and made this story a delight to read from start to finish.

    Willow is surrounded by a group of unique people carefully crafted and nuanced. None of these characters are perfect or clichéd, and always manage to deliver surprises. They each come into Willow's life needing something, and their stories add to a narrative that becomes complex and increasingly inspirational as they are all effected by Willow's unique view of the world.

    I could point to many instances in the plot that were contrived, when events relied just a bit too much on coincidence to be believable, and when things work out just a bit too easy. To do so would be to deny the slight touch of magic that seems to permeate these pages. This is a story that made me smile. It made me want to read it again the minute I finished it. I was sorry it was over. I wanted to be with Willow as she mulled over the life lessons to be learned from a plant. I wanted to know what happened to her new found family, all people who were struggling in different ways but who found a life thanks to one little girl who was very lost.

    Counting by 7's is an important book that I feel is destined to take its place as a classic of children's literature. It's filled with powerful emotions and life affirming ideas and is an enthusiastic recommend for readers as young as 10 and as old as 99.