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  • Liz Austin - Healthy but complicated dietThis book outlines a 28 day diet designed to boost the bodies metabolic rate. I've completed 3 weeks of the diet using the book and the iPhone app. The book appears to have been rushed to publication and there are inconsistencies that leave the reader wondering what to do in order to follow the diet. For instance, phase 3 recipes contain food items that are not on the phase 3 approved foods (broccoli and sweet potato). The reader doesn't know where the mistake occurred; did they leave these foods off the phase 3 food list, or is the recipe a mistake? I have asked questions via email to the address listed on the book's website and have gotten quick replies (sweet potatoes are a phase 3 food; broccoli is not). The first week was very confusing and I had to laugh at the admonishment in the book to not stress out. Changing phases is difficult for me as it requires a review of foods in the house and what is needed to get through two or three days on the next phase. After 3 weeks I have a well-stocked freezer and pantry, but I went to the store every day in week 1. I thought giving up caffeine and alcohol would be difficult, but it hasn't been a problem. Overall, I feel much more calm after following these guidelines for 3 weeks. I quickly lost 5 pounds and have lost about 7 after 3 weeks. I need to lose a lot more and I am planning to continue beyond the 4 week program. I'm optimistic after 3 weeks that this is a diet I can maintain for a long period.
  • J.E. - A truly wonderful invention!I bought one of these about 8 years ago, when I started having severe hot flashes during menopause. I just happen to see it was on sale at the drug store near my house when I was looking for a hot pack for my daughter's menstrual cramps. What a blessing it's been for me. I went out and bought 5 more and gave one to each of my daughters for muscle cramps and general cooling, and for my two sisters who were also having hot flashes. One of my nephew also asked for one since his apartment had no a/c and it really helped him sleep better in the summers. Everyone loves them! So now, I recommend them to anyone who complains of hot flashes, headaches, etc.. I also use mine for low backaches and other muscle cramps, alternating it with a hot pack.

    I know some people have had issues with them leaking at a seam, but I only had one that leaked; it was caused by claw holes from one of my cats that took to sleeping on the pillow when I wasn't using it. I guess she was kneading it with her claws, as cat will do sometimes when they are happy. When I went to buy another one at the local drug store, they were sold out! I had to drive to the next town to get another one. I guess word of mouth is all this product needed to move them. My older sister said her's leaked at a seam though, about 6 months after I gave it to her. So, I told her to take it to the drug store where I got it and exchange it. I had the receipt if she needed it. However, they replaced it with no problem.

    For the people who said they slept on it and then found they'd wake up sweaty, make sure you put it in a pillow case. Mine is inside my pillow case, on top of my regular pillow.

    My only complaint is it doesn't always stay in place very well. I wonder if the newer ones are better for this.
  • Cody A. - Keep It Up Ann!If you don't like this book (ie, lefties, liberals) you just don't get it. Remember, liberals hate themselves. And as a result, they have to take their hatred out on others, including America. Thank goodness we have people like Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly fighting for us against the overwhelming liberal media. Keep up the good fight!

    And if you like this book, (...) Every little bit helps! This is a fun way to get the message out!!