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  • audriciam - Everything I was looking for-It's a WinnerMy 14-month old was out growing his original umbrella stroller. I was looking for something light weight, user friendly and most importantly comfortable for my little man. Assembly was easy, didn't even need to read the directions. Took the stroller on a test drive with my son and everyone was happy. It is obvious that some of the reviewers did not know how to operate the stroller when the complaint about it being unstable. The front-wheel locking feature is great and makes it more stable when needed. Collapsing the stroller is an unusual technique, but it works great. I am very satisfied with this product. I would definitely recommend getting the storage attachment with the tray.
  • G Word "G Word" - Works As AdvertisedThere are a lot of theories and assumptions made about the effectiveness of colon cleansing. I am not a medical authority so it is impossible for me to comment as to this product's capability to acheive the intended medical benefits over time. I will say that I have been using this product for over six months and have found that it does everything it advertises. If you take the product as directed, your digestive system will become regular, and you will be a lot more sensitive to the few occassions later you experience constipation. I use to get frequently constipated, however, since using this product, I have been constipated in the six month period less than four occassions. It is important for the user to be consistent in taking the product in regular intervals and also do not resist the urge to respond to your body's need to naturally cleanse itself at the time. Very effective, I plan to not stop using or substitute to the other multitude of products available. I"m not saying the others are not effective, because I have never tried, however, I know this works, so why go to another?
  • Mary Denton - I Dare YouI dare anyone to start reading this series and be able to put it down for any amount of time. I am so in love with Jamie and Claire and long for there to actually be a love so true and attentive thorns and all in reality as theirs. Voyager brings them back together after 20 years apart and okay I admit it.. I had to flip to their first moment or reintroduction to satisfy my heart. No disappointment here.
    Gabaldon is brilliant - simply brilliant !
  • Eldred Cooper - Philosophy, Travel, Excitement...A guided travel brochure through ancient and Renaissance Europe full of fascinating architecture, museums, and paintings from our past. Combine this with a first rate thriller of a ride through an Orwellian vision of the earth’s future, headlong into the debate underway in the field of bioethics and the current disasters facing the world; a philosophical treatise woven in with Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy,” and we have Dan Brown at his best. This book is a thinking person’s fun experience!