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  • dlhedden - Where has this woman been all my life?!Just happened to glance at my Kindle last night about 10:00PST as I was heading to bed, and lo & behold there on the carousel was my Year of Holidays ebook for which I had been anxiously awaiting, after pre-ordering several weeks prior. Needless to say the 'heading to bed' thing didn't happen for at least another hour as I dove right in and speed read the whole darn thing. I have never been a big cookbook fan (they almost intimidated me) but the amazing Ree Drummond has totally changed my culinary point of view--and my cooking habits, much to my family's delight! I have all three of her cookbooks, and utilize them DAILY. The rhetoric, pictures, sense of humor, and pure love she pours in to her books is addicting. If I could have given this review more than five stars, I would have. Bravo Ree, on another spectacular effort--you have helped make cooking a joy for me. :D
  • ArlingtonChick - Quick, easy and informative readI actually read this book (unlike a lot of the negative reviews on here) and feel that I must add my positive review to counteract the reviews on here that are unfair and uninformed. You don't have to like the book, but I think you should have to read it first before you comment.

    Anyway, back to the book. Her writing style is very easy to follow and kept me very engaged. She's you're go to nerdy girlfriend, here to fill in all of the mystery behind "thou shall not eat soft cheese" and other restrictions. I think what I loved about this book is simply that she's giving you to chance to make informed decisions about your child and your body. This is a woman who was very involved in her pregnancy and wanted real answers, not just commandments. I liked her summaries at the end of the chapters where she gives you her take-away from the information but she also trust you to be a thinking, independent adult and doesn't expect you to agree with her. She points to many instances when she gave this information to friends and one would use that information to take action A, while another friend, given the same information, was more comfortable with taking action B.

    I also liked that she shares and breakdowns for you the scientific studies that doctors have been using for years to back up their "You can't do..." statements. Some still hold water and some do not. This book is not an anti-doctor or big medicine book. She had her baby in a hospital and got the epidural. Go girl! This is a book about being informed. That study about mothers drinking and hurting their unborn babies? Yeah, they were also far more likely to use cocaine. There are more modern studies that give more accurate information. She also just happens to cover far less controversial issues if you're interested. Drinking coffee, when to cut the umbilical cord, why you don't need to freak out if you were drinking heavily the night the baby was conceived, etc (although I know some people will find every single one of these issues controversial, they just can't help themselves when it comes to trying to tell other women what they have to do to be a good mother. This woman-on-woman competitive mothering game is completely out of control).

    Overall, I think any to-be mother could benefit from reading this book. I know I came away with some things to really think about and I hope she writes more.
  • SP # 4449 Lives - He is the Greatest....Ringo is a Winner, and his All Starr Band are Winners also. What can be said for a man that helped change the world we live in, the clothes we where, music, and has been the giver of peace and love for all these years. You'll wish you had purched this DVD if you have not yet. Ringo is the greatest in this world, the next world, or any world you can find. Great music, graet video.

    Buy it.
  • Deborah Wiley - absolutely fantastic!!Imagine a world in which all inhabitants are either shape shifters (known as changelings) or Psy. Psy have varying powers and are interconnected through the PsyNet but the Silence has bred all emotions out of them. However, there is one Psy who is different....

    Sascha Duncan has always hidden her inner core as she knows she is a broken Psy and would be sent for rehabilitation if this were discovered. Treated as a cardinal due to her mother's high position on the Council, Sascha is placed in charge of a joint business venture between the Psy and the DarkRiver leopards- the first joint venture between the Psy and changelings.

    Lucas Hunter is DarkRiver's Alpha and he has a secret agenda. A Psy serial killer is stalking changeling women and one of his pack lost his sister to this vicious killer. Lucas' plan is to infiltrate the PsyNet through Sascha to obtain the killer's identity but he never expects to find a Psy who feels emotions. War is about to break out between changeling and Psy as the changelings believe the Psy are protecting a killer. Sascha and Lucas will have to learn to work together quickly as one of the SnowDancer's women has been kidnapped by the psychopathic Psy and her time is running out.

    Nalini Singh is a relative newcomer to the romance scene but her stunning paranormal, SLAVE TO SENSATION, is sure to garner her many new fans! The plotline is intriguing and provides a very refreshing approach to both the psychic and shape shifter themes. Keep a box of Kleenex handy, however, as you will be moved to tears as this story packs a very powerful punch!

    SLAVE TO SENSATION is a superb story demonstrating the power of love and physical touch. The Psy have made every effort to create a world of logical and emotionless beings similar to Star Trek's Spock. Instead, beings with no moral conscience are being formed as exemplified by the serial killer preying on the changeling women. Love and physical touch can be very soothing and healing and Ms. Singh provides an exemplary story demonstrating this vividly to the reader.

    Nalini Singh breathes life into her characters and even secondary characters, such as Tamsyn, have an unexpected depth to them. This story, although complete in and of itself, is wide open for sequels as the reader will want to know more about the fabulous cast of characters created by Ms. Singh. One can only hope that a sequel is in the works as SLAVE TO SENSATION is easily one of the best books published this year in the paranormal genre.

    SLAVE TO SENSATION is highly recommended and this reviewer cannot rave enough about how wonderful this book truly is. Sascha is one of the strongest, most endearing characters to come along in quite awhile and her acceptance of herself and her relationship with Lucas provides the reader with numerous gut-wrenching and heart-warming moments. If you read only one book this year, SLAVE TO SENSATION quite simply must be that book!