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  • scarydog "scarydog" - Another Coulter ClassicAnn has cranked out another classic. Funny that her detractors can only attack her with ad hominem vitriol, and do not even attempt to counter her well-researched material with liberal "facts"... liberal "facts" being a contradiction of terms, of course. Her stinging one-liners must hit liberals like killer bees. OUCH!! Liberals just WISH Ann looked like Madelyn Albright, so they could insult her physical appearance---"wrinkled hag" and "haggard crone" would be a few choice terms, were Ann not so attractive---and never have to deal with her political writings at all. But alas, Ann has "arrived," and liberals will simply have to deal.
  • califax - Great tabletThe tablet is great. It feels light and handles amazingly well. I use it mainly to correct papers and read the news. Every now and then I watch a movie. After the ICS update it worked without flaws, therefore I can't really see what kind of problems other ppl have with their wifi. However, I have not tried the bluetooth wifi connection, since I don't have a bluetooth headset nor a keyboard. The Wifi is not too strong, but works in all the places (work, home, hotel) where I have tried it.

    The screen is superb. The speaker (yes only one) is not that great, but when traveling I wouldn't wanna miss my headphones anyway.

    The battery time is great. It easily runs as long as my girlfriend's iPad, if not even longer.
  • techuser - Should have read this years agoI have been married for many years, and like so many of my friends, I could see what I was doing in my marriage, and how ineffective it was as the relationship kept sliding. This book puts all this into perspective in a framework that makes a great deal of sense for us logical mail thinkers. It explains why things are the way they are in simple understandable and readable language. It is NOT pop physiology, and it is not a collection of "hey dude.. do this man" as written by some kind of social savant. It makes you realize where the issues are, and why they got there, and at times that isn't a fun to hear. It also provides a realistic plan that follows the same logic. As a bonus, the strategy sets YOU up for success, even if the relationship is a lost cause. This will sound very contrived, but after a once through read, and some very small changes in my attitude, I saw results, and they were instant. No BS, really.

    There is also a section he calls marriage 2.0, which should be mandatory reading before anyone ties the knot. I highly recommend this to anyone wondering why their marriage has started to suck.
  • C. Hopkins - Reason to Buy - Mike Oldfield (Danny Boyle - NHS)I have not purchased this product yet. There has been alot of confusion, even directly from the Beeb, about whether this product is truly region free. My big question is, CAN ONE TURN OFF THE OLYMPIC COMMENTATORS???? I can't stand talking over music numbers!!! Thank you in advance for the help.
  • T. Gilbert - Excellent Game, Keeps true to it's rootsFirst off let me say that sure the launch has been rocky, but most online game launches are. If you take away the initial problems with the servers and review the game itself, this game is amazing.

    SimCity is a reboot of the SimCity series and it's about time! Coming 10 years after SimCity 4, most people were anxious for a new city builder. SimCity definitely delivers! New to this version is the Glassbox simulator which simulates everything in the city. Attention to detail is amazing. Small things like the oil gradually being used up from the oil power plant and visually showing the oil being used. The designers wanted the UI to tell you how things were going in the city without having to refer to the data layers all the time.

    The variation in cities, especially with the specializations, is great. Each city has a set amount of resources and you can choose to specialize each city for things like trade, oil, coal, ore, etc. The depth of the simulation is amazing too. No longer to people and cars appear and disappear, but they all actually have a destination and a point of origin. It actually feels like a real city.

    Region play is excellent too. You can share resources between cities, including Fire, police, and garbage trucks as well as Power, Water and Sewage. This allows you to build one city that is focused more on dirty industry and power, etc while keeping other cities clean and free from the pollution.

    Not everything is perfect in SimCity however. The city size is only 2km x 2km and feels very small when building out the city. Maxis has indicated that they are willing to increase this later, but who knows when that will be. Traffic has issues sometimes as they vehicles tend to take the shortest route to their destination regardless of congestion or the density of the road. Meaning they will take a congested dirt road over a slightly longer route across a wide open avenue. Kind of annoying, but not really a deal breaker. It does require a persistent internet connection, but with the exception of traveling (e.g. on a plane) you likely are going to be connected to the internet anyway, so this isn't really a big issue for me.

    Overall, Maxis has really done a great job with the game and has pretty much resolved the server issues. If you have loved the SimCity series in the past it would be worth it to pick up this new rebooted version of the game.