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  • AnitaRL "AnitaRL" - Never would have thought my 20 year old problems would disappear overnight.Up until I entered graduate school when my son was an infant, I never had digestive and elimination problems. When I would read about others having problems, I didn't have a clue as to what that was like, as I was a once-a-day, early in the morning bathroom goer.
    Then, during pregnancy, I noticed changes that were concerning, so I had a colonoscopy when my son was an infant, which showed nothing other than hemorrhoids. About the same time, I noticed that stress related to juggling school work and child rearing would result in having to go to the bathroom unexpectedly. I knew that when I pulled an all-nighter, I would pay for it the day after. I have never been diagnosed with IBS, but I think that I have some form of it.
    After I retired two years ago, I was increasingly seeing more changes. In the last six months, I became a once a week user of immodium AD, which only helped somewhat. I recently went on a road trip, and I found myself in North Florida, a desolate place in parts, and I entered the one gas station for miles around at the back of a line of ten people waiting to enter the one stall bathroom. What a nightmare!
    So, when I got back home, I went to Costco and headed for the probiotics section, thinking that if this didn't work I was headed to the doctor and another colonoscopy. I bought Align, thinking that it might help somewhat, but I surely never expected amazing results. Within 24 hours, my elimination reverted to what it was like almost 20 years ago. Almost three weeks later, I continue to see the same changes. It's as if my prior problems never existed.
    I can not begin to express how deeply grateful I am to the researchers who developed this miracle!
  • Sam P - Great product!Ordered Align Digestive Care Probiotic on the recommendation of my doctor after asking him about probiotics. The price was good and the product was delivered quickly. Align does not need to be refrigerated like many probiotics I've purchased in the past. Individual capsules are coded with the day of the week for easily keeping track of daily dosage.
  • Ecthelion "Ecthelion" - Great resourceI have read the book and been coached by Esther in person. Her photographs of people from developing countries, 19th century Americans and babies are convincing that her recommended ways of sitting, walking, bending, standing and sleeping are the way to go. It is still too early to notice major improvements in my posture, but I feel more informed at the very least.
  • PACSQueen - It Really WorksWhen I started, I was 100+ pounds overweight. This past Spring I decided i was on a collision course of REALLY not being able to do things i wanted to do. In fact, I was already there in a lot of ways. I decided to start eating smarter, less calories and I started taking Garcinia Cambogia before every meal. It has really worked for me!

    Since I started ~4 months ago, I have lost 48 pounds, decreased 5 pants sizes and have had absolutely NO negative side effects. I have had several POSITIVE side effects! I am peri-menopausal and have been on estrogen for about 1 1/2 years. I have tried to wean myself off of it but my mood swings could not tolerate it (nor could my husband! LOL). Since being on GC, i have not taken the estrogen in nearly 3 months and i am feeling great and my husband hasnt divorced me yet!

    I've seen the horrible results of what happens after gastric bypass surgery years down the road and I refuse to put myself into that spot soooo, this was a MUCH better alternative. I figured I'd try it for a month and I'm still going strong!