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  • MandytheBookworm - You MUST read this bookWow! I read this book in one day, started in the morning, had a few things to do until the afternoon but was pulled back to it after errands were done and I just had to finish every single word, it would not wait until tomorrow.

    This book is just, well, touching, devastating, emotional, dark but then absolutely positively fantastic (although it is hard to say the F word there about this book, it seems wrong somehow). A re-read it will be, a book that stays with me it will be, a book I would recommend it will be. In a way it made me think it was something of a mixture of The Stand and Blindness. Don't get me wrong there though, it's also not like them if you get what I mean. Ah, I give up but to say if you have not read this book then it should definitely join your to be read list immediately, if not sooner.
  • Denis Vukosav - Johnnie walked along the line and frequently crossed it, but nevertheless will remain forever in the memory..."Johnny Cash: The Life" by Robert Hilburn is a biography of this distinctive musician who throughout his entire career attracted attention due to his music but also due to his behavior, which was anything but conventional.

    Although I don't consider myself being great fan of Johnny Cash there are many of his songs that I like to listen. And due to the fact that I learned most about his turbulent life from a great movie "Walk the line", in which he was exceptionally well-acted by Joaquin Phoenix, I wanted to read this biography.

    Inside, reader can find good overview of Johnny Cash's private life and music career that start from his youth he spent in Arkansas, time he spent in the Army and his ups and downs during the exciting music career that somehow ended with his moving "Hurt" video.

    The fact is that the author doesn't beautifies things about Johnny's life, revealing some truths that won't appeal to those who previously weren't familiar with this information, for example when he's telling about his first wife Vivian cheating with other girls than June, on cheating June with her own sister, or the real truth how serious drug addict he was.
    But as well, he had done some good things like getting Glen Sherley paroled or giving his money to charity.
    While telling his story, both good and bad things, the author doesn't take either side nor gives his attitude. Instead he is just telling the facts and leave judgment of Johnny's life to each reader for her/himself.

    Sadly, this book confirms what was seen in the movie that the roots of his violent and unpredicted behavior lie in relation to whom he had with his father who preferred his tragically deceased brother, and looked on Johnnie as unworthy.
    This is especially evident in the fact how his character changed after the tragedy, compared to Johnnie who was before quite different gentle boy who loved books.

    The author was able to get to know Johnnie well through his life, and interesting information is that he was the only member of the press who was at the legendary Folsom Prison concert in 1968.
    Also, he interviewed both Johnny and June in 2003 which was their last interviews before they died.
    Through many of his interviews with Johnnie and other people who worked, lived with or knew Johnny Cash, the author exposed his personal and musical merits and demerits, and shows this artist as true icon of the music scene that despite all the failures in his life will remain forever remembered.

    "Johnny Cash: The Life" is a well-made and informative biography not only for fans of this distinctive musician, but due to his contribution to the music scene, to all lovers of rock 'n roll and music in general.

    Johnnie was a man who was walking along the line and frequently crossed it, but nevertheless will remain forever in the memory...
  • D. McFarland - A most entertaining ideaThis book, the first by Jason Heller, is an odd combination of Science Fiction and Alternative History. As Science Fiction it requires us to believe an impossible thing; that William Howard Taft vanished after his one term as president and reappeared on the White House lawn in 2011. In point of fact, President Taft lived out a full and useful life and died on March 8, 1930. The Alternative History of the novel is the reaction of President Taft to finding himself alive in the twenty-first century and his actions in response to this event.

    I feel that Mr. Heller succeeds masterfully at both portions of the task. Taft is remote and little known enough that the suspension of disbelief is easy to make. In a review of the history of Taft and his term of office I feel that his "Taft" is quite believable.

    I was pleased by the development of the novel and surprised by the plot twist. The resolvement by Taft was dramatic and, in my opinion, in character.

    If the novel had a flaw it was in its brevity. I felt that the section in which Taft encounters and adjusts to contemporary society could have been quite a bit longer. However, this may be based solely on my desire to see a good thing continue.

    This was a fine novel and I would encourage everyone to read it. It is my hope that the author favors us with many more.
  • James M. Callahan "LoneVegas" - You are here.I still like to own a mapsco of whatever major city I'm living in. A GPS can get you where you want to be but it's hard to know where you are without proper map. Do you ever find your GPS moving your around in circles, taking you through a very bad neighborhood,& wanting you to make u-turn were none should be taken with any sort of safety. Well knowing your route where you are where you want to be. Is the way we've done it for thousands of years. If you want a computer to take you where you want to go most of time you'll be okay, untill your not. Then you have to figure out your own way out. And mapsco will be very handy.
  • SteveB27 - Still Tops in My BookI am a computer science professor and have tried and used a number of free and commercial products. Like any Internet Security software "suite", (like me) it is not perfect, but NONE of them are. It does work well and relatively quickly. One of the main features I appreciate is their free 24/7 chat support. Again, not perfect, but I have always managed to get situations worked out, often at very odd times and during holidays. If you get this product with their recurring rebates, it is pretty inexpensive (sometimes free), superior to any free products, and one of the better commercial products. The 3 PC license is a great cost saver.