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  • Kit Sewell - Great Book!This is a great book for someone who is having back, neck or knee problems. I have the video by Esther which helps to understand the book better. However, I was having back, neck and knee problems which the doctors only know how to treat with pain meds. The meds didn't help correct the problems, but the Gokhale method did and it works. You can go to her web site for some very helpful information and if you want order the video. Plus, she offers some free work shops on her site. As for the group work shops, I took one when it came to Sacramento and it was worth every penny. Recommended for those who want to have and need a hands on experience with the techniques.
  • Jim - Love it, use it daily.If you're considering purchasing Autodesk Sketchpad Pro 2011 for yourself, I highly recommend that you download and test drive the fully operating trial software from Autodesk's website (usable free for 15 days).

    I also recommend watching the10 minute video review of Sketchbook Pro 2010 (the previous version to the one under review) by John Muhlenkamp at ID Sketching dot com. (Search for idsketching sketchbook pro review.)

    I'm an illustrator and I've always done my professional work an old-fashioned way, with pen & ink and watercolor. But I love using Sketchbook Pro with my Wacom Bamboo pen tablet (model CTL-460). The tablet came with Corel Painter Essentials 4 software, which has a drawing & painting module as well as a "photo painting" module. It's okay, but I prefer Autodesk Sketchbook Pro because I find the interface smoother to work with. This preference is in large part as subjective as are my preferences for certain brands of watercolors, watercolor paper, inks, nibs, and brushes. As an artist I want to work with materials that facilitate a seamless flow between creative impulse and art object, and Sketchpad Pro allows that; I never feel that the software is an obstacle.

    I have also tried painting software called Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio. The interface between TwistedBrush and my Wacom tablet is not nearly as smooth as is the interface between the tablet and Sketchbook, in that I just don't have as much control over the pen when using TwistedBrush as I do when using Sketchbook. I find using Sketchbook as natural and comfortable as drawing on good quality paper in pen & ink with an ultra smooth nib. When I use pen & ink and watercolor, once I make a coloring decision I rarely change it, as in most cases changing it would require starting the entire piece over from scratch. With Sketchbook I can experiment with colors to get a sense of what might work best on paper.

    I like the symmetry tool in Sketchbook that Corel Painter Essentials 4 lacks, but I wish Sketchbook had the gradient fill feature that Corel Painter Essentials 4 has. The only other con I can think of for Sketchbook compared to CPE4 is that inserting text into a sketch in Sketchpad is not as intuitive a process as it is (for me, at least) in CPE4 (e.g., if I want to enter text into a cartoon balloon). The help for Sketchbook is online; clicking on help opens a web browser. This is not a problem for me given that I have a broadband connection.

    I love Sketchbook Pro and use it every day. Definitely test out the trial version if you're considering buying it for yourself.
  • James Doyle "JVD" - Most Clever Way to Get a Collaborative Never Ending Story Book WrittenVery clever leverage of the Amazon book review community to produce the first ever online Never Ending Story genre viz a viz the book review comments. That's leveraging up to 10 fresh digits of each reviewer's typing hands pressing QWERTY keyboards with each review. Best combination of math, statistics and skewed humor distribution ever produced in planetary history. If you read all the stuff hidden between the lines in the white space its also a bargain on a cost-per-pixel basis. If the comments keep rolling in it could be the longest running book in the universe... pick a number and take your turn...
  • L. Weeks "Guitarist, sax player, music fan an... - great albumbut i just thought i would point out someone trying to sound smart but looking like an idiot, the reviewer "cyberwares" said that the song sheep is in "4/3" if you know anything about music and are not retarted you would realise that there is no such thing as a "3rd" note. the song is in 4/4 you ass, don't make things up if they are complete bs.
  • Nancy J. Ellis "average everyday person" - Best pillow I have ever usedI honestly don't know why the bad reviews. This pillow changed my life. Really! I have a bit of TMJ and would wake up with horrible headaches in the mornings. This pillow supports my neck so well that my problem with morning headaches literally went away. I have tried many, many different pillows from expensive, to inexpensive and finding this one was a real life changer. My pillow did NOT smell when it arrived. I read that from one reviewer. I'm sensitive to smells and I can reassure you that normally the pillow is free from any smell. I have had my pillow for over a year now and it has not gone flat. Still supports my neck regardless if I am sleeping on my side, back, or stomach. I logged on to Amazon to buy one for a gift, and was surprised by the low reviews so I felt I needed to share my experience, which has been nothing but positive. This pillow could really help you. Don't let bad reviews sway you the wrong way.