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  • Ben Klenke - A Masterpiece Of Epic ProportionsIt is often difficult to judge what is better than something else. This is extremely true in the case of Pink Floyd's music. Take a listen. Piper sounds nothing like Dark Side,Dark Side sounds nothing like The Wall, and The Wall sounds nothing like the Division Bell. But these three albums in my opinion best represent Pink Floyd at what they do best. In the case of The Division Bell, Gilmour's soaring guitar, Wright's hypnotic keyboards, and Mason's heart thumping drumming are still second to none. They are trully the most talented musicians ever. The album constantly makes me cry. Why? Because it is still amazing that a band that begun it's journey more than thirty years ago still has new magic and mystique to add to music. Barrett,Gilmour,Mason,Waters,and Wright along with a select few others (Lennon,Mercury) will eventually become the Beethoven's and Mozart's of the twentieth century. Quite simply put there is no one better than Pink Floyd.
  • review - It really does work. Give it a try and don't give up.The regimen really does work. My acne was always under control when I was on birth control and using proactive. After delivering my last child I no longer needed birth control and hated the side effects from BC. My skin quickly became out of control and proactive was not working. I went to the dermatologist and tried oral medication and topical gels. I was not getting results so was searching the Internet and found I have been on the regimen for two months and my skin is almost clear. I still occasionally get a pimple here and there but they are very mild compared to the painful cystic acne I was getting before. I love this product and thank you so much to Dan Kern for developing this product. If this didn't work my next avenue was accutane and I am so thankful I don't have to use that powerful drug now.
  • The fairy tale secret - best bannana peelerOMG! This works like a charm everyone day i'm 1 min and 22 sec late because i have to take a knife and cut each individual slices. This is perfect i realized you peel it, then you you can flip your banana over if it isn't right. I bought for my Aunt and uncle and sister and brother and mom and dad, who bought it for everyone they knew. Now i can finally cut banana's. Always bring a banana.

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