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  • Bill Wakeley - A terrific unit!I had read reviews about how this thing blows dust bunnies around because of the location of the exhaust (low on the front). I guess I could see how that would happen if I vacuumed with the handle in the upright position. But since I tilt the handle back a bit when I vacuum, the exhaust barely hits the floor. So - that isn't a problem at all. Perhaps those reviewers had an earlier version and it's since been redesigned?

    The unit seems to have plenty of suction, for both carpet and hardwood (laminate) floors. It's lightweight, which means that I'll be able to carry it out to the garage (separate building/across the yard) easily to vacuum the car. It isn't terribly quiet, but what vacuum is? I suppose emptying the dust container will be a bit messy - I haven't needed to do that yet - but I always do it outside. Any - it can't be as messy as the dust container for my previous vacuum (a Kenmore). I think for the price, it's a great model.

    Shipping was fine - it arrived earlier than the Amazon estimate. I looked around - this was the best price I could find for the unit. Saved about $20 over the big box stores.
  • Jo - AMAZINGMy husband and I have been TTC for over a year, we are both 30 years old. I have PCOS and have always had very irregular periods (some 80-90 day cycles) and my husband had low count and poor morphology. We went to a fertility clinic in July. I had an HSG - no problems there, so we started several months of fertility drugs and IUI's, each time it failed, it was more crushing than the last. Over the holidays we decided we needed a break and we would start fresh in January. I read about Fertilaid on TTC websites and decided it couldn't hurt to take them while we were on our break. We had tried different combinations of supplements and vitamins before, which seemingly did nothing, so needless to say we were skeptical about fertilaid. My husband started taking the Fertilaid for Men and I started the Fertilaid for Women in the middle of November. We only took 2 capsules a day with food. Well, I don't know how much I can contribute to the Fertilaid, but it seems like a very strange coincidence that suddenly I am pregnant, just like that, the good old fashioned way! No fertility medications, no treatments, no charting my cycles and definitely eating like crap over the holidays. I am truly in shock about it, I wish I had read about Fertilaid 18 months ago when we started this journey. I would definitely recommend this product. It also helped regulate my cycles to 36-38 days, which is much more normal. I get that it is not a fix-all solution, but if you have tried everything else, I would say it absolutely can't hurt! Best of luck to everyone, I know it is a painful and difficult journey. JD
  • John Lustig - Billy CrystalA funny, nostalgic review of his career; the ups and downs and the many people he has met. It may be looked at as a name dropper book, but when one is famous one does meet other well known people. There are places where one laughs with the author as well as other sections that can bring a tear.
    It is a good back, an easy read and highly recommended.
  • carol shapiro - delightful book!I just finished reading Susan Branch's new book "A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside" and just cannot say enough great things about it!!! Admittedly I am a Susan Branch fan and follow her wonderful blog, however, having visited Great Br. twice, and having missed all but one of these wonderful places that she has visited and recounted in this book, with her artistic "eye" she has captured not only the essence of the English countryside, but the aroma, the flavor, the history, the charming idiosyncrasies, the quaintness of each and every place that she has visited, along with a wonderful description of her transatlantic voyage on the Queen Mary 2...a perfect, inspiring and delightful read! I will read this book again and again!!! I would highly recommend this book!