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  • BuckStar - Compatible with Lenovo w520 laptop

    SSD hard drives are great, if you don't have any Blue Screens of Death. I've checked a lot of SSDs before buying this one. Many other product's forums described various compatibility issues. My choice was between the Samsung and this M500 unit. Crucial has a great price point, it was easy to install and just worked.

  • Dale S. - So far its working

    Our 5 year old daughter has ulcerative colitis. The doctors have all kinds of medications to treat the symptoms, including a steroid, but nothing to cure it. We started this diet 4 months ago and have slowly weaned her off the steroid. So far she hasn't had any flare-ups. When she does have a flare-up, we will continue with the diet until completely cured. It will take about 3 to 5 years.

  • Marlene White - Kindle 2 is a five star product

    I finally bought my very own Kindle-2, three weeks ago. It is exactly what I imagined it would be. Easy to read, download books and newspapers. I love having the Wall Street Journal on my Kindle in the morning. There is nothing difficult about using it. There is a comprehensive guide programmed in, if you have questions. Great purchase, fair price. I love it.