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  • Lynne J. - This book is a lifesaver for my sonMy 12 year old son was diagnosed with IBD a year ago and we bought the book and started the diet right away. He got immediate relief from his symptoms and although he has had a couple flares, I'm sure if not for this diet, he would be so much worse! The book is easy to follow, contains recipes, and is a wealth of information. The diet is one we should ALL follow, as it eliminates all processed/junk food and focuses on good healthy food. Elaine is a scientist who saw this diet save her daughter and wants to share it with as many others as possible. I strongly recommend it to everyone I know!!
  • K. Izakowski - Book everybody with Crohn's or colitis have to read and followHello,
    I had decided to write the review after reading and implementing [for my son] what book is suggesting.
    My son developed colitis when he was 16 , after going through the doctors and pills we realized , that there must be the other way than taking medicine for rest of the life.
    We spent a lot of time doing reaserch to find alternatives and came across a lot of information and this book - Breaking the vicious cycle- read the book , and with the proper diet [ our son is not taking pills anymore] he had not have a "flare-up" for 5 years.
    I would highly reccomend this book - after reading - please "stick" to it.
  • micklovesgolf - A frightening masterpiece for author, Dan BrownMy wife and I believe this is one of Dan Brown's best novels. Brown must spend much of time on researching to put his books together and it just makes the story more believeable. The theme of this book is so very close to the truth, it actually is more frightening than previous books. Brown's works are highly regarded by us as not being an author who is just churning out stories because the publishers push.
  • BillArf - Quicken 2011 Deluxe. I was a beta tester of this productAfter weeks of my working with Quicken Deluxe 2011 as a beta tester, I can tell you that Quicken Deluxe 2011 is lets say a very big hit with me! Quicken 2011 has some refinements and additions that make it a very nice upgrade for current Quicken users as well as a terrific offering for those first time buyers. Here are a few of my favorite Quicken 2011 additions: "All transaction Register", "Spending TAB", "Transfer Detection" and "Customizable Register Columns" to name a few. Can also tell you Quicken 2011 One Step Update has a little different look and it is much faster in the time it takes to download. YES, Quicken 2011 gets a thumbs up by me!