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  • Lori Dzik - Office Pro 2013 is AwesomeI had heard that Office 2013 wasn't favored by many people. From the first day I have been working with it (from previous version 2007), I find it very user friendly. Reminds me more of using an apple product. Even though it looks considerably different, the ease of finding documents, icons, etc is great. Publisher and Excel has updated some things that weren't available in the 2007 version. Word actually is much easier to work with for graphics (much more like Publisher). Impressed with the update!
  • D. Swaim - Finally! Something that WORKS!!I have used literally THOUSANDS of "acne clearing" products and this is the first one I have ever found that works. Admittedly, I've only been using it for a few weeks and hopefully, it will not stop working (this is true of many products once your skin gets used to the product), but until then, I have seen pimples disappear before my eyes. Honestly, I can't reccommend it enough, and if you're worried about the cost, add up the cost you've spent on all those products in the medicine cabinet (none of which work) and see how much they've cost over the years. That's what I did and gave it a shot. I'm glad I did!
  • Ashley Gainer - A must-read for serious ChristiansChallenging without being confrontational, insightful without being arrogant, gracious without being soft. David Platt has a lot of good things to say to American Christians who have lost touch with the life and ministry of Jesus. Platt writes with a sincerity and an urgency that communicate his message without judgment or legalism. This is a profound work that must be taken seriously.
  • Dana R. Gill "Heal yourself" - Easy to useYou will have to read the instructions to get started, but do not fear. It is easy! I am a novice, and I figured it out and went on a labeling spree :-). I was a bit worried about peeling off the backing because I only have one steady hand. Never fear. There is a little slot on the top. Insert the end of the label, pull out in opposite direction, and label is slightly separated from backing at that end.I bought a bunch of that OXO pop containers to redo my pantry. Labelled contents. Now I can easily see what I have. Love it!
  • Chairwoman MAO "Mao-Mau" - Brilliant story and plot "twist"!This is an excellent read! I read it and just could not put it down until I was finished. There were parts that were literally laugh out loud funny and parts that were so interesting and compelling that I just had to read to my hubby with no context and he seemed to enjoy it (lol). I thought this book was brilliant and I am so excited that they are coming out with a movie! Yay Ben Affleck!