Hesterleytech.com Review:

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Country: North America, US, United States

City: Ashburn, Virginia

  • LD Likes - Works Great!Bought this for my new 2013 Scion XB which came with the display radio which is an add-on option for that year. Only with the display radio can you then have the dealer install the factory navigation system. I called to find out what it would take to install the factory version from Scion. They would require 4 hours to install (digging into my brand new car's dash--oh no you don't). Total with labor cost approximately $1500.00 !!!! Buying the Garmin at $113.00 was a no brainer!

    And what is cool is I can remove the unit, take it home, and program and save the destination for the next day (try to do that with the factory unit bolted into the car!)

    It works great and has a battery charge for close to an hour (if you decide to bypass using the plug in power cord). I recommend this one as it will indicate the cross streets by name, both with audio and on the top of the screen, before you cross them. From what I understand a lot of models do not have this feature?

    It has the life time maps which is great (but trust me not easy to install via the internet--there is some kind of secret handshake, as I left mine to download the updated map overnight and in the morning it still had not updated! Turns out I missed a screen somehow where I needed to turn off my computer and back on before the map would download! Which then took less than 20 minutes. If all you see is a spinning type beach ball it is not updating, you need to see actual solid lines moving across to indicate the downloading process. That is all I will say as it turned out to be a complicated procedure even for me! And I'm pretty computer savy!).

    Regardless, it is a great unit and I'm glad I bought it. I bought the garmin friction mount, which has a gumbee like base that can be molded to the dash contour (so I don't have to use the windshield suction cup). I also bought the 5 inch universal carrying case so as not to scratch the screen when I pocket it along with my keys. Added the square trade 3 year warranty and I'm good to go!
  • J. Rodriguez "ACER9103" - So far so good!My kids love this toy! Although its hard to compare with a regular tablet they have become accustom to, they still love it and it entertains them for long periods!! Great condition, no real scratches of dings...Great shape!!
  • mucker - Awesome LensExcellent Lens...used it on a 7d before selling it and thus this lens also. Now use a 16-35L on a full frame camera. The 10-22 was a fantastic lens...zero complaints. That said, consider using a thin filter as 10mm on a 1.6 will see a regular size filter...or at least it did on mine. Aside from that I had no issues...great lens, great value for the quality.