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  • H. Crawford "karma" - It's liquid plastic!A little of this stuff does go a long ways! It feels like silicone and runs like it, but when it dries and cures it's solid glossy plastic coating. It will not attract dust! It is also very shiny when light hits it. When it does accumulate dust, just use a dry clothe and nothing else. When applying it, just make sure you have no other treatment on the surface you are applying it too, unless you are absolutely sure it is dry. Do not use ammonia to first clean the area you are applying this stuff to. Also apply to a inconspicuous area first in case you are not happy with the results. This stuff is messy, and you should wear gloves and makes sure you have plenty of ventilation when apply this stuff. It dries fast! The lingering odor is not bad and doesn't last long. I can see now how this stuff lasts. But once again, a little bit goes a very long ways, do not over apply it or put it on too much at once. It will run, and when it dries it will look like streaks. Apply a very, very small amount and wait for it to dry. You can always add another coat to allow for build up. It may look dull when it's dry, but believe me, when the sun hits it, it is extremely shiny. It turns into solid plastic!
  • Loyce G. Melton "savings searcher" - This is a "MUST TRY" product!When I applied New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment to my cold sore, I instantly felt the medication starting to work. I experienced a tingling sensation and the pain of the cold sore immediately went away. I did not experience any pain from the medication itself like I had experienced from other cold sore products I've tried in the past. I am incredibly impressed with this cold sore treatment!

    I immediately noticed relief from the pain of my cold sore the instant I applied this medication to the site of my cold sore.

    New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment is, BY FAR, the best treatment I have ever used to date! It is the only cold sore treatment, so far, that I was able to immediately feel and notice that it was working as soon as it was applied.

    I am already a "DIE-HARD" fan of other Orajel products and after trying New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment, the results I got from it decided it for me that Orajel products are the only ones for me and I can't wait to share with family members and friends how this product worked wonders for me! I am going to encourage everyone I know to buy this product so they can experience for themselves how new Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment was like a MAGICAL product! I will be going out and stocking up on Orajel products and I am also going to purchase a lot so I can pass them on to others and I'll be sure to tell them that once they try it, they will not want any other product!

    "I received a free sample of New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360"