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  • Unity Dienes - About as fun as exercise at home can getI'm definitely not a fitness nut, so I'm not going to say that this is something I would do just for fun. But for something that is good for me, it's not bad. I used to enjoy Yourself Fitness, but this is a big step up from that. I also have tried Wii fitness, but this one is less frustrating than needing to use the balance board. Basically I think the Kinect works great and this game really takes advantage of it. I had never tried a Kinect program before and I was so impressed with how it really could identify how my body was moving.

    Some of the things that were bothering me, were that I found the menu frustrating at times. It sometimes selected something faster than I was ready for, just because my hand swept over it. It was also a hassle to switch between users. When we did two-player, it was annoying that the calories/workout of the second player didn't get credited to his account as well--only the person actually signed in gets credit for the workout. Still, because they make it competitive, my kids saw it as a fun competition and not an exercise program. They get a good workout!

    Also, this program is a little tricky to use with a clingy toddler or curious pet around, since although I'm accustomed to sidestepping or trying to workout while they get in the way, it completely messed up the Kinect sensor. Obviously, this is not going to a problem for everyone, but for people trying to workout with little ones around, it's a common problem!

    I would definitely recommend this program in spite of these small complaints. You'll still feel like you're exercising, but it's a lot more fun than an elliptical or treadmill!
  • Brittany - AmazingThis product absolutely works. I am very shocked. My doctor refused to freeze off my moles so I researched home methods and got dermatend. I put it on Friday night, regretted it because of how dark and ugly I thought my skin looked afterwards, and even got impatient and picked at the scab. When I removed one scab the mole was 100% gone and this was only two days later. There is now just a pink spot that will easily heal just like any other wound. These moles where big and dark too so once again I am completely shocked and satisfied with this product!