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Country: Europe, UA, Ukraine

City: Ivanov, Vinnyts'ka Oblast'

  • Charles F. Kartman "ckartman" - Stellar addition to Pendergast seriesI have loved all the Pendergast books, some more so than others of course, but this one stood out. The previous volume seemed to try to turn Pendergast into a more action-oriented figure a la James Bond, but in "White Fire" he returns to his original, quirky Sherlockian roots. In fact, this is underlined with a mock "undiscovered" Conan Doyle story embedded in the novel, and Pendergast uses it and some more of his Tibetan memory journey tricks to reveal the story within the story.

    There is an historic mystery pursued by Pendergast's protégé (?) Corrie Swanson, the headstrong young woman from the wrong side of the tracks who is now studying criminology. Her self-centered rashness perfectly captures her youthfulness, even as it irritates the reader; she is all fire while Pendergast is cool and almost always collected. The town that draws them is a former mining town turned ski mecca for the ultra-rich and celebrity crowd, intentionally painted as a Gomorrah headed for a fall. When a serial murderer/arsonist strikes, the overstretched police chief enlists help from Pendergast. He does his usual thing and his investigation, along with the first storm of the winter, helps bring past and present together in an explosive and thoroughly entertaining story as only Messrs. Preston and Child can deliver.
  • sugi - Orajel Single Does Cold Sore TreatmentsI don't get a lot of cold sores but when I do they are usually very painful and long lasting. I had previously tried Abreva and was terribly disappointed. I saw a commercial for the Orajel treatments and decided to try it. I am so happy I did! The doses where easy to use and my cold sore was almost completely gone by the second day. Within the first 30 seconds of using the treatment my pain was gone and within the same day the cold sore had diminished greatly. The one draw back I noticed was that it was a bit expensive. One package (which contains 2 doses) cost me about $14. However, because I don't get cold sores very often I think $14 once in a while isn't too bad a price to pay. And compared to other cold sore medication the price is actually on the lower end. Overall I was very happy with this product!