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  • Dragon Lady - This is THE pen for Vagina-Americans!As a Vagina American, I always wondered what it would be like to have a pen just for me and my people. Now we know! Vagina-Americans everywhere can rejoice that we now have pens made just for us! I put off writing for so long because the Penis-American blue and black pens just never felt right. Now I can finally write in my diary, make grocery lists, and copy my recipes onto cards in appropriate colors!
  • joseph - Oh my what a helpSince I've gotten this book I have become the Doc on hiking and camping trips. I am not in anyway in the medical profession, I have just had first aid training and have had it for many years continued training. This book has just made it easier for me to perform more practical and injury specific first aid then before. I will recommend this book, however I will state that this book is not a replacement for qualified medical professionals.
  • Tim O - Works as advertisedI tried many different anti-antiperspirants but nothing ever truly worked. I was forced to always wear under shirts and then ended up with the annoying yellow stains. This product really does stop the sweating. For me personally, it lasts for the full 7 days with no problem. I do still use a scented deodorant (not anti-antiperspirant) every morning but no need for anything else. It's a little tough to remember to use it every 7 days so I just set an alarm on my phone.
  • Robin - The Bible for Job HuntersThere is a reason this book is the classic - and Richard Bolles has been updated almost every year since the 1970's - his methods work. As a professional resume writer and career coach - I recommend this book to many of my clients - and non-clients.

    If you are looking for a job or a career - BEFORE you start your job or career search - GET this book. If you do the exploration of your own experiences, values, skills, and goals to determine what you really want to do and what you offer - BEFORE you do your job search - you will have a much shorter search - AND have a better chance at finding a job/career that will satisfy you.

    I believe in this book so strongly, that when Richard Bolles still offered it, I spent 5 days at his house to be sure I had chosen my calling in life. I believe, since you spend many, if not most of your working hours at your job, you must be sure you select a job that is a fit for you. This book can do that.

    Once you find your fit - this book offers practical tips on how to find the job that is a fit. Some of the methods may be surprising to those that spend all their time on the Internet applying for jobs - and are important to shortcut the job search. I still believe writing a resume is important - because I believe the process of documenting your achievements on paper is part of the formal process of finding a job.
  • GreGory - For Beginner to Advanced CADD OperatorsThis is not my first Mastering AutoCAD book. I've been working AutoCAD since 1988; version 2.6 on 5-1/4 floppy. I bought my first Mastering AutoCAD for version 9 and I have purchased updates ever since. This book can be used as a step-by-step guide for the beginner, or a reference guide for the advanced. Should you be looking to become AutoDesk AutoCAD Certified, this is the manuel to help you get there.

    Mastering AutoCAD 2013 breaks down each menu, submenu, and command for the readers understanding. Starting with chapter 1 each consecutive chapter builds on the one before it, introducing the reader to more and more complex skills. Referencing is easy enough utilizing the Index as a map.

    Let me add this. Although this book is for Beginner thru Advanced, it is a must that you understand and/or have a healthy background in Drafting and Design. AutoCAD is a wonderful tool, but unless you understand basic drafting skills such as placement, layout, dimensioning, ect, or if you are looking to simply draw a floor plan for yourself, you may want to look for a lesser involved book. If you are the professional drafter/CADD operator looking to enhance or update your reference library, this is the book for you.