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  • Mayflower Girl "amazon-junkie since 1996" - Must readingI remember being shocked to learn that the film "Mean Girls" was based on this author's nonfiction book about girls. Still, I had heard good things about the book, but it just didn't apply to me because at the time, I didn't have any daughters. Well, now I have four kids--three of them boys, so this book definitely applies. I have noticed that my boys are far more sensitive and empathetic than I had believed boys to be. Reading this book was completely eye-opening, although with my kids' ages, some of the stuff won't be applicable for a few years.

    I remember hearing Ms. Wiseman on NPR a few months ago talking about this book, and I made a mental note to look for it. Very glad I had the chance to read it. I fear it will become my go-to book during the teen years. The best part of the book is that she spoke to so many boys and asked them how they wished a certain situation would be handled, what they were thinking, etc. It's far more than just theory.
  • Lucia Hansen - wonderful tool!I am a 3rd year resident and I totally love the ECG Pocket Brain book. I can say it saved me so many times during my first year of residency, and it is still super useful now. It is quick information, user-friendly, written in a way that stays in your brain forever....just perfect!! I recommend it to all my colleagues, and it is always in my pocket."
    Lucia Hansen, MD (3rd Year Family Medicine Resident, Dept. of Community Health & Family Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Florida )
  • T. Walker - Perform as expected for a Panasonic plasma ST30A nice lightweight design and comfortable enough after I tried all three of the supplied nose pieces. They needed a charge out of the box, but were easy to set up and mate to the TV when charged. Just make sure you start the glasses (the instructions say 'open') and start a movie before you activate the mating button. I need another pair or two and won't try the branded Panasonic glasses unless their price goes way down in the meantime.
  • Hector Garcia - Great Upgrade from Previous versions!This new 2012 version brings in a plethora of new features.

    First of all, if you are the manager or owner of a small business... QuickBooks is a no-brainer. There is no other software that can compete with it's ease of use and capabilities as both an accounting and operating program.

    I particularly like about the 2012 features:
    -The new Lead Center: which lets you keep track of potential clients without filling up your client list.
    -The new Calendar view: which lets you see the QuickBooks activities and to-do's in a easy to read calendar/grid format.
    -The new Contributed Report: now users will be able to upload report templates to expand beyond QuickBooks standard reports.

    -Hector (Miami,FL)